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Best SEO Monitoring Tools

Shiny layout designs and well-written content are insufficient to rank well in search engines. You need to constantly monitor your web pages' search engine optimization or SEO.

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Best SEO Monitoring Tools

Shiny layout designs and well-written content are insufficient to rank well in search engines. You need to constantly monitor your web pages’ search engine optimization or SEO. In addition to on-page SEO, rank tracking is required. To regularly monitor your SEO performance—that is, how well your content appears in search results—you must engage in rank tracking.


The essence of SEO monitoring is keeping an eye on both your website’s SEO and rankings.


Are you getting results from your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy? As a marketer, you want conversion rates and brand awareness to rise with your SEO campaigns. Consider your business growth goal as the endpoint and your SEO strategy as your means of transportation. You must keep an eye on your key metrics to make sure your SEO strategy is on the right track. Monitoring your most important SEO metrics is similar to keeping track of the places you need to pass to get where you’re going.


Like navigation apps, SEO monitoring tools provide you with information about your predicted arrival time and whether you’re on the correct path. You can also find out from these tools whether you need to reroute.


Continue reading if you’re looking for the best SEO monitoring tools or free SEO monitoring tools to get started.

Understanding SEO Monitoring

SEO monitoring involves consistently tracking your campaign’s performance, and gaining insights into crucial metrics shaping the success of your SEO strategy. It’s akin to a Google position check, focusing on monitoring your website’s search engine ranking and key metrics such as:

  • Organic traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Keyword ranking
  • Backlinks
  • Page speed
  • Conversion rate

Which Are the Best SEO Monitoring Tools?

Whether you’re seeking free or paid tools, a plethora of options exist for effective SEO monitoring.

Free SEO Monitoring Tools

Google Analytics

Best for: Monitoring your site’s various SEO metrics

Google Analytics is a free tool offering real-time and historical insights into your web pages. It covers vital aspects like referral traffic and user engagement, answering questions like: How many visitors found your site through organic search? Did a user bounce off your page, and how long did they stay?

Google Search Console

Best for: Tracking crawl errors and monitoring keyword rankings

This tool provides an initial SEO analysis, revealing the keywords your pages are ranking for, crawl errors, and your website’s mobile-friendliness. It also offers data on clicks, impressions, and average CTR.

Bing Webmaster

Best for: Checking your site for technical SEO errors

Bing Webmaster offers insights into your website’s SEO health, checking backlinks, scanning for technical SEO errors, and providing an SEO report highlighting any errors on your site pages.


Best for: Scanning your site for errors

SEOquake, a Google Chrome extension, facilitates on-page SEO audits by analyzing internal and external links, identifying SEO-related issues, and enabling the export of SEO data into a report.

Check My Links

Best for: Checking for broken links

This Google Chrome extension, Check My Links, is a valuable tool for identifying broken links, highlighting on-page linking issues, and exporting broken links for further investigation.

Paid SEO Monitoring Tools


Best for: Real-time SEO monitoring

ContentKing, a 24/7 SEO monitoring tool, crawls your website for issues, providing alerts for immediate resolution. It maintains historical data on issues and changes, offering a user-friendly interface and easy integration into your tech stack.

SE Ranking

Best for: Analyzing how your website fares against your competitor’s

SE Ranking analyzes your website’s traffic and health, offering insights into your competitors’ performance. It also allows analysis of backlinks, custom SEO reports, and keyword rankings.


Best for: Monitoring your website’s organic traffic and keywords

Ahrefs, an SEO tool, enables in-depth analysis and tracking of your website’s SEO performance. With features like Keyword Explorer, Site Audit, and Rank Tracker, it provides comprehensive insights into organic traffic and keyword rankings.


Best for: Checking your website’s technical SEO

Sitechecker’s SEO monitoring feature automatically tracks your website’s performance, detecting errors and offering suggestions for improvement. Its Rank Tracker monitors your site’s ranking over time, providing actionable insights.

Moz Pro

Best for: Tracking key SEO metrics and your ranking for keywords

Moz Pro, a suite of SEO tools, aids in improving your site’s ranking. It includes a Rank Tracking feature, custom recurring reports, and insights into your site’s overall health through monitoring key SEO metrics.


Best for: Monitoring your backlinks

Linkody, an SEO monitoring tool, assists in discovering, tracking, and analyzing your website’s backlinks. It also monitors competitors’ backlinks, offering insights into link-building opportunities.

The Importance of SEO Monitoring Tools

Tools for search engine optimization are essential to your strategy. By automating the processes of monitoring your website, search engine rankings, keyword metrics, website links, and site traffic, they make it easier and more efficient for you to make well-informed decisions about your SEO work.

Streamlining Your SEO Plan

SEO tools emerge as pivotal assets in your search engine optimization arsenal. By automating monitoring processes—be it your website, search engine rankings, keyword metrics, website links, or site traffic—these tools empower you to make well-informed decisions efficiently. 

Protecting Rankings with Automated Vigilance

Consider a scenario familiar to digital marketing or SEO agencies: unauthorized website alterations occurring regularly. Whether it’s a client tweaking keywords or a developer tweaking code, these changes can adversely affect your SEO efforts. Automated SEO tools act as vigilant guardians, detecting issues that might displease web crawlers and result in lower rankings. By promptly monitoring and addressing these concerns, you can safeguard your rankings from negative impacts.

Gauging the Impact of Initiatives

SEO tools facilitate a seamless connection between your website, search rankings, and the efficacy of your SEO initiatives. This connection enables you to measure the impact of your efforts or those of your competitors, empowering you to adjust your strategy accordingly. Two compelling reasons underscore why SEO professionals gravitate towards these tools over manual monitoring.

Liberation from Tedious Manual Work

SEO tools alleviate the burden of manually scouring web pages for data, checking keyword rankings, and conducting backlink analyses. The best tools handle these arduous tasks, allowing you and your team to focus on the more creative and rewarding aspects of SEO.

Managing Diverse Projects with Ease

Whether you’re overseeing multiple projects as an in-house SEO manager or managing various clients’ website SEO in a digital marketing agency, manually tracking SEO data is unsustainable. Spreadsheets and manual reporting quickly become unwieldy, increasing the risk of inaccuracies. SEO tools streamline project management, ensuring you stay ahead of unauthorized changes and respond promptly to maintain search visibility.

Final Thoughts

Effective SEO monitoring is integral to the success of any online strategy, ensuring that your website performs optimally in search engine rankings. These tools not only offer real-time insights into crucial metrics like organic traffic, bounce rate, keyword ranking, and backlinks but also serve as vigilant guardians, protecting your rankings from unauthorized alterations. By streamlining SEO plans, gauging the impact of initiatives, and liberating professionals from tedious manual work, these tools empower marketers to make well-informed decisions, ensuring sustained search visibility and success in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Stay ahead of the competition and achieve your SEO goals with the best monitoring tools available.

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