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What Does a Social Media Marketer Do?

Let’s take a look at what’s involved for someone working in social media marketing and what does a social media marketer do exactly.


Edona Shala

Content Writer

What Does a Social Media Marketer Do?

Social media marketers are marketing professionals who use social media platforms to promote a company’s products and services. They often make use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok to reach out to new customers, engage with existing ones, and announce new products or services. But it is far more than that.


Have you ever wondered what a social media marketer actually does?


Because social media marketing is a relatively new form of online promotion, there are many questions about it. And because social media has proven to be effective in increasing revenue and sales for businesses, social marketers are in high demand.


Let’s take a look at what’s involved for someone working in social media marketing and what does a social media marketer do exactly.

1. Choosing the Right Social Network

Not every social media platform works for everything. Facebook is great for generating leads; Pinterest is great for visual content; and so on. There are more limitations to other social media networks, but the point is that a good social media marketer should understand the differences between them all and use the one that best suits their needs at the time.


For a social media marketer, it is important to understand the different settings of each platform:

The kind of content that users expect to see.
The most effective kind of content.
How viewers interact with and consume content.
The user demographics.

It’s just as essential to stay updated on changes going on on each platform. New and even deleted features, rules, and algorithms can have a significant impact on your social media experience.

2. Understanding Your Target Market

Even when comparing two businesses in the same industry, no two audiences are alike. As a result, your social media experiences will be unique to each audience. Because of this, it’s essential to have an in-depth understanding of your audience.


They need to track down people with similar interests to your business. Because they become familiar with your target audience, they can create content that is more targeted and likely to generate a response.


They’ll understand what drives them and what they expect or want to find on your pages. This provides your audience with a better social media experience. They can do this by searching specific groups, hashtags, or even your competitors for the most valid source of market information. When they do, they will be able to promote content far more effectively.

3. Growing and Engaging the Audience

A social media marketer needs to show that your brand resonates with your target market in order to gain followers.


They need to promote the right type of content at the right time in order for it to appear in users’ feeds. And they need to make sure that people are aware that your business exists. They can do this by talking to key players in your industry to get replies or mentions, increasing brand awareness.


A social media manager needs to engage these followers once they have them. This includes speaking directly to them, answering their questions, and even dealing with their complaints.


A social media marketer is responsible for managing negative complaints and preventing them from escalating into an accident. In this regard, the social media marketer is the first line of security between your company and the general public. They need to encourage and reassure happy customers while also containing problem customers.

4. Maximizing the Impact of Conversions

The majority of buyers do not come through social media. That is, you are unlikely to find your buyers there, despite the fact that you can influence their buyer journey. What a social media marketer does on social media can help in the growth of relationships with prospective clients, which can eventually lead to conversions.


Social media is an excellent tool for educating, entertaining, and establishing authenticity. And social media marketers play an important role in customer development and maintenance by creating the right content for these goals.

5. Creating Targeted Content

If your users can’t see your content, it’s because it’s not targeted or engaging enough, so it is unlikely that you will get any return on your investment.


This is why social media marketers need to oversee the business’s overall social media strategy. They need to understand the platforms, buyers’ habits, and audiences. According to that, they should create highly-targeted content that makes users interact with the business.


Moreover, social media marketers need to be familiar with different types of content, including visuals, infographics, videos, case studies, and reviews. These can all be leveraged on social media. And knowing which type of content works best for each platform is the key.

6. Driving Traffic to Your Website

The whole point of social media and all the followers you get is for them to get to your website. Promoting the website on social media is another one of the social media marketer’s tasks.


They need to post blogs, pictures, videos, offers and promotions, and other eye-catching content that will encourage your followers to click through. This is one of the marketing roles that social media marketers perform on a daily basis. They want to lead people to your website, and they do that with interesting posts and promotions that persuade your users.


Social media marketers use social backlinking tactics to boost traffic to your website. And once they get to the website, the content on your pages can turn them into customers.

7. Practicing Social Listening

An important part of the job of a social marketer is to stay on top of what people on the internet are saying about your business. This can help you understand whether the customers like your products/services or if you need to change or improve anything.


Marketers need to spend a lot of time each day social listening online due to the speed at which social media is moving and the number of messages happening all at once. This is an essential part of this job because it keeps the business relevant. Maintaining connections with potential customers helps with new products and services and improves the customer experience.

8. Understanding Social Media Ads

The key element for increasing brand awareness and sales on social media is advertising.


In fact, spending on ads for social media is expected to double today’s figures. In 2023, ad spending for social media is projected to reach more than $268 billion.


Social media marketers need to leverage different data sources and hyper-target their audiences. This way, they are able to share personalized content that is based on the user’s behavior.


Social media marketers should be familiar with creating effective ads, setting up campaigns, and managing these campaigns to have a good outcome. To properly optimize and maximize the success of these campaigns, they need to understand the social media landscape from a quantitative perspective.

9. Reading and Tracking Results

As mentioned before, reading and tracking data is a key element of every social marketing strategy. For social media marketers, this is especially important because it makes their next job easier.


Social media platforms provide marketers with a lot of data. This makes it easier for them to understand which content is working and which is not. These figures can be confusing, so social media marketers need understand the complexities of these metrics.


When they have a thorough understanding of the analytics, it’s easier for them to apply the knowledge to the work that they’re doing. They can remove a piece of content that is not generating any feedback. If a piece of content is getting a lot of attention, they know what they need to keep working on.

Social Media Marketer Skills

Social media marketers need to have different skills that help them create interactive and creative content to attract followers. Employers typically seek social media marketers who have extensive communication skills in writing and speaking.


These skills are very important for implementing a successful social media strategy. This is because marketers are always interacting with other colleagues and the audience to find out what drives their target market.


Most social media marketers work as part of a team, so to have an effective work environment, communication skills are essential. Creativity is also one of the most important skills a marketer needs to have. Creative branding and social media posts can include written and visual content.


To find good examples of social media strategies and create their own, social media marketers need to have research skills. They will need to research the market in general and see what topics are interesting or what is getting the most attention on social media.


Social media marketers use technology and social media platforms because of how social media works. They need to be good at using these sites and feel confident about how to navigate them. Sometimes they might need to have technical skills when analyzing how much people engage with their posts and what the target audience is.


People who work as social media marketers can have different projects to manage at the same time. This is why it is very important to be well-organized and time-efficient. This way, they can make sure that each project gets the right amount of attention and they can complete everything on time.

How to Be a Social Media Marketer

Working with social media is exciting because it is a fast-paced industry where changes are always happening. Working in social media marketing requires knowing a lot of different platforms and how each functions. 


You also need to be familiar with different analytic tools in order to analyze trends and track your performance. In this case, you can benefit from formal education and certification to show reliability and professionalism to your potential employers.


To be a social media marketer, you need to:

  • Get a degree: A degree in marketing or public relations can be a valuable tool to better equip you for your career.
  • Create a portfolio: You can benefit from creating a portfolio of your previous work, where employers can see the type of content you can generate, understand your creative and writing skills, and know what to expect from you. 
  • Get certified: Marketers can get certifications for different social media tools or general social media marketing certificates. This shows professionalism, credibility, and reliability.
  • Grow your network: Having a professional network as a social media marketer is very important because this can help you find job opportunities and gain knowledge about the industry.

Final Thoughts

Social media marketers use social media platforms to promote a business’s product/services, engage with customers, and create new ones. They must understand the differences between each social media platform and use the one that best suits their needs at the time.


Social media marketers need to have certain skills and certifications. Overall, the role of social media marketers is to manage a company’s social media presence effectively and efficiently. 

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