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How & When To Outsource Graphic Design

In this guide, we will look at how and when to outsource graphic design.

Edona Shala

Content Writer

How & When To Outsource Graphic Design

If you own a business or are just starting one, you understand how important it is to have a good design to set your company apart from the competition. Graphic design is essential for the success of your business, from creating a logo to developing promotional materials.


However, not everyone has the knowledge or time to create professional-quality designs. Hiring a full-time graphic designer can be pricey and inconvenient for small businesses. Outsourcing can help you scale your organization and improve efficiency if you hire exceptional professionals for the work. 


It might initially seem paradoxical to outsource labor. It might even seem like taking shortcuts. Outsourcing, however, does not imply a drop in the quality of work delivered to your clients. It’s the exact opposite.


Outsourcing your graphic design is an excellent way to save time and money while still receiving high-quality designs. Finding the right designer and outsourcing your project, on the other hand, can be difficult, especially if you’re new to the process. In this guide, we will look at how and when to outsource graphic design. 

What Is Outsourcing Graphic Design?

Graphic design services, like almost any other marketing expertise, can be outsourced to an agency. Outsourcing is assigning a project or task to someone outside of your company. Outsourcing graphic design means hiring a professional designer or a design agency to create graphics for your company.


Although graphic design is beneficial, many businesses lack the funds or space to hire an in-house design team as part of their marketing team. The other option is to outsource graphic design to a designated agency’s team of professional designers.


This means you won’t be employing an in-house designer. Instead, you will hire someone to handle all of your design needs. You can interact with the designer remotely to make sure that the designs meet your needs and specifications.  

How to Outsource Graphic Design?

Finding the right designer to translate your ideas into reality is essential when outsourcing graphic design. So, before you begin your search, make sure you have a clear picture of the outcomes you want. You can begin outsourcing your graphic design needs once you have a clear idea of what you require. As a result, there are some actions you can take to ensure that your needs are being met.

Identify Your Goals

It is valuable to define the scope of your work before starting a graphic design project. It involves identifying the specific goals of the project, your target audience, the design elements and style you want to use, and any additional needs or challenges. For starters, it is important to consider the following points:


  • Clearly define the purpose of your design project.
  • Identify your target audience for the design.
  • Identify the key messages or ideas that need to be stated.
  • Specify the specific deliverables needed, such as logos, brochures, posters, flex, and so on.
  • Determine the size and file types needed for the deliverables.
  • Set a reasonable deadline for your project.
  • Figure out the budget you want to allocate for your project.


By answering these questions, you will create a concise and complete brief for your graphic designer. This will ensure that everyone involved in the project is on the same page and working toward the same objectives. It can also help the designer give you a more accurate quote and project timeline.


Remember that the more specific you can be about your needs, the better the outcome. Keep the project on track and up to your standards by being clear and open with your designer throughout.

Look For Outsourcing Opportunities

Finding the right person to work on your project can be difficult. There are many outsourcing platforms where you can find excellent graphic designers. Some of the most popular platforms are 99 Designs, Upwork, Freelancer, LinkedIn, and Fiverr. These are amazing platforms where you can post your job descriptions and find the person who suits you best. 


Another option is to look at Facebook Groups. Nowadays, Facebook serves a much broader purpose than simply sharing photos and communicating with friends. There are Facebook groups for almost every topic you can think of. There are also job boards in the groups where you can post openings for freelance graphic designers. Typing “graphic designing jobs” or “freelance graphic designing” into the search bar will bring up relevant groups.


At times, it can be difficult to find a suitable graphic designer. So, employing an agency to complete your work can be effective. Agencies have a team of skilled designers who can help you bring your vision to life and manage the process from the start to the end, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.


To find a graphic design agency, search online using keywords such as “graphic design agencies” or “design firms.” You’ll most likely come across a number of options, so spend some time researching and comparing their portfolios, rates, and reviews to find one that best meets your needs.


You’ll receive applications from potential candidates once you’ve posted the job listing. It is then your responsibility to evaluate the applicants to see if they meet the qualifications for the position. When reviewing their portfolio, pay close attention to: 


  • Previous work: If you hire a professional rather than a student, request to see their portfolio of previous work.
  • The quality of work: Consider the quality of the applicant’s work when making your decision. If they can’t provide a good set of examples, it’s probably not worth your time to interview them.
  • Scope of work: It is best to hire a graphic designer who has prior experience with the designs you need.
  • Communication skills: You need to communicate your vision to the designer, and they must understand it. If there is a disconnect, the design may not turn out as you meant.
  • Pricing: Explain what kind of agreement you want and see what they can do for you. Don’t be afraid to negotiate, but don’t undercharge them either. It would be ideal if you could agree on a reasonable rate that works for both of you.
  • Punctuality: Make sure they can stick to your timelines; otherwise, you’ll be left helpless at the last minute. To test this, start with a small paid task that is more manageable to see if they can complete the work on time.
  • Referrals and Testimonials: One advantage of using online platforms is that you can read reviews and testimonials about freelancers before hiring them. It will allow you to gain insight into their previous work and determine whether they can meet your needs.

Why Outsource Graphic Design?

There are many benefits to outsourcing your graphic design needs. For starters, it saves money because you don’t have to invest in expensive software or hardware. Hiring a freelancer allows for flexibility, allowing you to adjust your design needs based on the situation. 


In addition, by posting your graphic design project on a freelancing platform, you gain access to global talent, as designers from all over the world can submit bids. Freelancers are highly motivated to meet deadlines on time in order to receive positive feedback and secure future projects, ensuring the timely completion of your design tasks.

Who Should Outsource Graphic Design?

It’s often believed that only businesses that can’t afford their own in-house team outsource. In reality, established brands, many of which have an in-house graphic design team, benefit the most from outsourcing.


Outsourcing design allows in-house designers to concentrate on the big picture. You don’t want to burden a team of designers who work in your office, on your brand, every day with every social media and email graphic your company requires.


The following are some of the most common types of businesses that outsource graphic design: 


  • Ad agencies.
  • Marketing agencies.
  • Web design agencies.
  • Small business owners ​and solopreneurs.

When to Outsource Graphic Design?

You may decide that outsourcing graphic design work is not the best option for your company. If you intend to make graphic design an ongoing part of your business, it may be better to hire a few in-house designers. 


By paying a designer a salary for the amount of work you need them to produce rather than hourly or piece rate, you can save the agency money. It also means that your design costs are fixed rather than variable depending on the amount of work required, which simplifies budgeting and plans.


You also get more consistent work with an in-house designer or design team because you know how your designer/team works, where their strengths lie, and they know your agency’s demands, company culture, and niche better than a freelancer could.  


Working with a freelancer, on the other hand, can save the company time and money while allowing it to devote more resources to tasks that are more difficult to outsource. It can also be the start of a strong relationship with the freelancer you choose, who may eventually become a full-time employee or continue to work with the agency, possibly helping grow its business by referring new clients to you.


Choosing how to handle your graphic design needs, like any other decision you make to scale your agency, requires analyzing data and carefully considering all relevant factors. 


Start with numbers to gain an understanding of how outsourcing graphic design will affect your bottom line. Use this number as a starting point, not an endpoint. Never sacrifice quality to save money, but also keep your financial resources in mind. Understanding the financial aspects of outsourcing graphic design work can help you in walking through the steps you take to figure out how to fit it into your growth strategy. 

Considerations to Make When Outsourcing Graphic Design

Before delegating your graphic design needs, you should know of any potential issues. If your designer is in a different country, language barriers may arise. However, by clearly communicating your expectations and providing detailed instructions, you can reduce this risk. The freelancer’s time zone can also affect communication, so it’s essential to define expectations for communication and give specific instructions.


When trusting creative control to someone else, quality is a risk; therefore, review the freelancer’s portfolio to reduce the possibility of disappointment later on. Working with an independent contractor or a remote team who is not an employee of your company can lead to data leakage. Your designers may collaborate with your competitors and share intellectual property. So, only work with trusted freelancers or teams who have signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Final Thoughts

All creative agencies should consider outsourcing graphic design services as a long-term investment. Outsourcing your graphic design needs is a wise way to ensure that experts design your work without exceeding your budget. But, before you hand over your assignment, do your research and evaluate the freelancer. Before beginning work with the freelancer, you need to be clear about your needs and the budget. This guarantees clarity and understanding.

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