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Social media management involves handling your online presence through social platforms. Managing your company across Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and all the rest is exhausting. Not having a social presence is a disservice to your business. Over 60% of consumers expect their business to have a social media page. Tactica makes this easy by having a proven system that brings companies from 0 to 80 thousand followers. If your business's social engagement is faltering, Tactica's social tacticians know how to make it work. We have a proven track record of brand management.

Social Media Management Services


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Organic vs. Paid Social: What You Need To Know

Organic Social

Using free tools by social networks to engage your audience and grow your brand awareness.

Paid Social

Using paid advertisements ad sponsorships to target specific social users.

It is vital to understand the difference between organic vs. paid social campaigns. Here's what you can expect: • Paid Social - Using paid advertisements and sponsorships to target specific social users. • Organic Social - Using free tools by social networks to engage your audience and grow your brand awareness. Both types of social advertising are essential. Paid search leads to immediate short-term results that get you money today but typically cost more. Organic social establishes you in the long term, enabling you to engage your audience better. Tactica is of the firm belief that an integrated approach is best, as a combined strategy enables you to diversify your options.

 Tactica's Social Media Management Services

Check out our proven social media services list below:


Social media marketing

Our social media marketing team creates ads that increase your ROAS by ten times. The ultimate goal is to meet and exceed your expectations with an effective social strategy. We handle bringing in the customers while you focus on running your excellent business.


Video animation

Videos on social media get 50% more views than non-video content. Tactica's backend team has many animators ready to create engaging video content. Our video content includes 2D, 3D, motion graphics, and all current forms of video animation. We make videos that boost your ROI.


Social media copywriting

Tactica's copywriters work across any industry, engaging customers with a simplistic writing style. This focus on simple writing attracts customers by speaking on their level. It is essential to be eye-catching, simple, and direct through social media. Tactica's expert writers know how to do this.


Graphic Design

Our graphic design team has many backgrounds, creating website graphics and social graphics optimized for multiple social pages. Visual content is necessary to remain competitive on social media. Tactica produces visually-driven content that engages your audience and encourages likes, shares, and sales.


Social media SEO

The usage of social media SEO is boosting your website's traffic through search engines. You cannot get backlinks from social media, but you can get brand exposure. This exposure encourages people to share your content across multiple sites, a form of off-site SEO.


Brand management

Tactica focuses on a deep understanding of our partners. Without this understanding, we wouldn't be able to produce exceptional results. Our brand management services provide a consistent message across your site and all major social platforms. Consistent messaging causes user engagement.

We Use Social Media Differently. Here Are Some Case Studies.

It is 100% growth oriented, whether that is sales, new signups, or just followers/views.

Successfully Social Rebranding with Tactica: An Inside Look at the Terranova Story

Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design

Successfully Social Rebranding with Tactica: An Inside Look at the Terranova Story

How Tactica built - the most frequented online health platform in Kosovo and Albania

Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design

How Tactica built - the most frequented online health platform in Kosovo and Albania

Native Instruments: A Successful SEO Case Study for Boosting Unbranded Traffic

Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design

Native Instruments: A Successful SEO Case Study for Boosting Unbranded Traffic

You’re not just a project, you’re our partner

Our Social Media Management Process

Here is our six-step process for providing exceptional social media management:


Define your business goals

Through a free consultation, we get a better understanding of what you would like to accomplish through social media. Tactica has a series of questions to ensure we have a deep understanding. This understanding allows us to keep your business in mind consistently.


Develop the social media strategy

Our manager speaks with you regarding the developed strategy. This discussion gives you a complete understanding of our plans and your expectations. We tweak the system per your desires, addressing any concerns regarding growth rate, budget, or other social aspects.


Optimize and maintain

Your dedicated social manager maintains and optimizes the page for further engagement. They test ads, content type, and other aspects to see what gives you the best results. The key to good social engagement is maintaining what works and changing what doesn't, constantly being on the move for the best results.


Assign a dedicated social media manager

A dedicated social media manager is assigned to you. We provide this manager to save you time and money, giving you a single point of contact. Our social managers work across numerous niches, ensuring you will get one skilled in your industry.


Create engaging content

Tactic gets to work on your behalf to create engaging content. We produce social media marketing material in video or image format for paid search. The writing team makes content that your audience is passionate about on the organic side.


Monitor and report

Your social manager will provide you with regular reports through monitoring to ensure you get results. Reporting will give you the confidence you are getting results, which you should also notice from the sudden rise in sales. You can adjust how often you receive notices, but we will send all significant milestones via your preferred contact method.

Why Choose Tactica for Your Social Media Management

Here is why you should choose tactical for your social media services:

Quality-focused approach

Our quality-focused approach ensures that all content associated with your brand is top-notch. We don't focus on providing you with empty followers; we focus on meeting your business goals. If your goal is more sales, our quality approach will focus on content that boosts this.

Engaging content

We provide engaging content that works for both paid and organic social media. Good content is crucial when maintaining a relationship with your audience. This focus can turn visitors into customers who recognize your authority in the industry.

Deliverable-based packages

Tactica provides deliverable-based packages focusing on what you need. We set the deadlines for ourselves to ensure a step-by-step process to growing your business. Our social media management team focuses on providing small and large-scale projects.

Detailed and frequent reporting

Our social reports are proven steps showing you that Tactica does good work. As the principal social media management agency, transparency is vital to us. We share this transparency with our customers, which is why they keep coming back for more services.

Social Media Management FAQs

Need help? Here are the top questions asked by our Subscribers

How soon should I expect results?

Tactica can provide immediate results within days of starting a social campaign. For large-scale business goals, those results vary depending on where you are compared to where you want to be. Our team focuses on providing quick wins to give you confidence in our abilities. We can work with any company, regardless of their current social following.

How will you create content that fits my business?

We hire content specialists that work across all industries. Our content specialists stay up-to-date with the latest trends in their respective industries. In addition, we perform competitive research on others in your industry, seeing what content they provide. We take what works from their content and ask how to improve it with 100% original results.

Which social media platforms will you help me manage?

Tactica handles all major social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We also help establish your video-based social media (YouTube and Vimeo). Our team is skilled in all social platforms, providing results wherever we go.

Why should I outsource the social media management of my business?

Internal social media managers are expensive and ineffective compared to outsourcing. Typically, hiring from a third-party group is much more cost-effective. Having an outside perspective can also add more creativity to the process. This external influence can help with idea generation, an essential aspect of internet engagement.

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