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How to Get More Qualified Leads with Content Marketing for Real Estate

Being a real estate company can be challenging in many ways, but with careful planning, using strategies and working with professionals, everything will fall into place.

Arta Mekuli

Content Strategist

How to Get More Qualified Leads with Content Marketing for Real Estate

Being a real estate company can be challenging in many ways, but with careful planning, using strategies and working with professionals, everything will fall into place. 


Content marketing is a long-term strategy that can take time to see success. However, the ROI from content marketing is what makes it worth it.


But how exactly should you do content marketing for real estate? And how exactly do you benefit from it?


Let’s dive in.

Content Marketing for Real Estate Companies Benefits

Content marketing helps companies to connect with their local communities through valuable and actionable content. The benefits of this strategy for your business are numerous, some of which include:

Long-term relationship with your customers

If you want to develop your business and make it successful, a long-term relationship with your customers is essential. Therefore, paying attention to this aspect should be a must for companies in general, because each of you wants to have a healthy relationship with your customers, a relationship in which your customers come to you when they have a request for the service you offer as a real estate company. 


By building healthy relationships with your clients, you make your company a trustworthy and authoritative one.


But what are the benefits of a healthy customer relationship?


  • When you have a healthy relationship with your customers, it affects the online space and presence as well
  • Customers like to engage with a business when the business provides opportunities for interaction
  • When you build relationships with your customers, it contributes to higher customer retention.
  • Retaining customers is much more beneficial for businesses

Easily generate organic leads

Through content marketing, you will generate organic leads as people will easily find you when they search for a service.


To benefit from content marketing in lead generation, follow these tips:


  • Conduct keyword research to find out which keywords you want to rank for and which keywords are particularly popular that you can profit from.
  • Post regularly to keep your audience up to date on the deals you’re posting, the quality service you’re providing, and other information
  • Understand your audience, and offer helpful content about them.
  • Be active on social media and other platforms
  • Post ideas and topics for real estate blogs to connect with your customers
  • Incorporate various content marketing trends 

Trustworthiness and authority

By publishing real estate content, people will know where to turn when they need a service you offer. This way you will become a trustworthy and competent company, which will also affect the sales and growth of your business.

Brand awareness

You can benefit from a content marketing strategy to attract people to your services, convince them to trust you and benefit in other ways. 


Content marketing is a very powerful strategy that, if planned properly, will have a huge impact on the success of your business. 


But why should you use content strategy to increase your brand awareness? 


The answer is broken down into the reasons why you should strive to increase your brand awareness:


  • It’s the key to the long-term success of your business
  • It can help you establish your company and services in the minds of customers
  • Can help reduce marketing costs because potential customers already know you
  • Helps influence consumer behavior, especially buying behavior
  • Helps you gain a competitive advantage 


Now that you know some of the key benefits of content marketing strategy, you can create a plan for your new step in your business.

How to Do Content Marketing for Real Estate

Doing content marketing for real estate can take time to show results, but it is way more cost effective than any other strategy.


Here’s how to do it right.

Start with your website

Almost always, the first step people take when they want to make a decision after they have an idea in mind is to research different companies to complete their decision. 


Websites are the first source where people can find out about the service or product they want to buy.


Pay attention to the process of website optimization. If you are not professional enough to do a website audit, work with an SEO company as they are professional in this process. Take the company’s advice and audit, or leave everything to them and focus on other steps.


Things to consider with your website include:


  • Create a website with easy navigation
  • Check if your website is mobile friendly 
  • Check the speed of the website
  • Publish unique and informative content on a regular basis
  • Use the right keywords
  • Use high-quality images and videos 
  • Use contact forms and chatbots


Optimizing your website is crucial to make an impression on your audience, because they want to find an easy solution and not waste time. 


When we talk about the process of website optimization, we have already mentioned that it is very important to make your website mobile-friendly. 


According to statistics, 59.5% of all website traffic comes from people using mobile devices. A comparison with other years shows that this percentage is increasing year by year.

Update your blog posts

It is very important to update the blog sections with the latest news and information that people are interested in. 


Through your articles, you can build trust and engage your potential customers while improving your online reputation.


Below are some of the top reasons why you should use and benefit from blogs:


  • Builds loyalty and trust: Blogs are great for providing advice and reliable information that the audience can use to build authority on the topics you discuss, which also affects trust in your business. 
  • Increases visibility: blogging is very important to increase the visibility of your business through images, important information, tips, knowledge and other things. 
  • Creates brand awareness: brand awareness is another important aspect that businesses strive for. By blogging, you increase your brand awareness. New and quality content can make your brand stand out compared to other competitors.
  • Helps generate new leads: Blogging is a great way to attract new customers by getting them to sign up for your email list.
  • Promotes engagement: through blogs, you provide more content that can be shared with others than just your products or services that customers can share on social media. Therefore, use blog articles to inform customers, provide tips or guidance, and make more connections with your brand and convert them into customers. 


Use blog articles, update them regularly and benefit from them.

Use videos to attract customers

Videos are a powerful “tool” to give a personal touch to the message you want to convey, and thus to the audience. They will engage the audience on an emotional level, which is the most important thing in communication.


As a real estate business, you can use home tours, virtual tours, DIY tutorials or other related content, share them on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms like YouTube or Twitter, attract customers and this will also affect your business growth. 


Below are some tips on how to create amazing videos that are professional and attractive at the same time:


  • Plan ahead for your video
  • Use a high quality camera
  • Use adequate lighting
  • Use powerful video editing software
  • Include the entire rooms of the house in your video


Be sure to work with a professional video company if you don’t think you can handle the task.

Use infographics

Infographics are a very important and helpful tool to attract customers as they are very easy to use and understand by the audience.


Some of the reasons for using infographics are:


  • They are eye catching
  • They prove that you are the expert
  • They generate more visitors to your website
  • They are easy to read and understand
  • They are easy to embed
  • They are easy to follow 
  • They are easy to analyze


For your infographics, you can provide statistics, facts and other valuable information about the real estate industry that you want to share with your audience. 


At the same time, you can share them on various networks like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms.

Pay attention to user experience

A content marketing strategy is very helpful in providing the audience with the information and data they need. Therefore, make sure that everything you work on is user-friendly.


Below are 7 factors that influence usability, including. 


  • Useful
  • User-friendly
  • Findable
  • Credible
  • Desirable
  • Accessible
  • Valuable


We have already mentioned that a responsive website affects search engine rankings, but at the same time, the website design must also deliver results:


  • Are clean and straightforward, with no distracting or unnecessary elements.
  • Be easy to navigate thanks to easy-to-read fonts and intuitive labeling
  • offer easy sharing options, including the ability to share privately rather than publicly
  • Include a seamless search function that makes browsing easy
  • Offer additional content based on what the visitor wants to read next

Prompt the audience to subscribe to your content

By offering a subscription button on your website, you can invite your audience to stay connected with your content. Therefore, use subscription buttons on your website and provide them with high-quality content and engage with the audience.

Use case studies

Success stories have a great impact on the audience, so you should use them and benefit from them in different ways. 


Some of the benefits of success stories are:


  • They add credibility to the brand
  • They increase engagement through storytelling
  • They are unique sources of reusable content
  • They demonstrate return on investment
  • Helps visualize your work
  • Helps convey your uniqueness 
  • Helps increase brand awareness


For example, you can incorporate video testimonials, quotes from satisfied customers, and compelling success stories into your marketing efforts that show how people can live in their dream home and help others make the same decision.

Think about app integration

Application integration is the process by which independently developed applications can work together. Therefore, think about this process so that your company can benefit and succeed in the market. 


Integrating applications and platforms and updating the related offers is a crucial factor to stay ahead in real estate marketing. 

Final Thoughts

Content marketing for the real estate industry is very important, and you should use this strategy in your business plan. 


Some content marketing benefits are: 


  • Build a long-term relationship with your clients
  • Easily generate organic leads
  • Be trustworthy and an authoritative company
  • Boost brand awareness


Some of the tips on how you can be successful with content marketing strategy are:


  • Optimize your website page
  • Regularly update your blog sections with the latest industry topics
  • Use quality images and videos 
  • Use infographics
  • Use success stories to inspire others

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