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How To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

You can contribute to Wikipedia, and in exchange for helping to keep this resource updated, you can include a link to your own original source material hosted on your website.

Arta Mekuli

Content Strategist


You can contribute to Wikipedia, and in exchange for helping to keep this resource updated, you can include a link to your own original source material hosted on your website.


The truth is that anyone can edit a wiki page to improve it. But, there are specific steps you need to take to ensure that your backlink is deemed valuable to Wikipedia users and not flagged as spam. 


Learn a set of tricks for getting Wiki links.

What Is A Wikipedia Backlink?

A Wikipedia backlink is a link to another website that appears in the page’s notes or external links section. Backlinks on Wikipedia point to web resources related to the topic. Wikipedia backlinks are citations to that web resource on the website. 


A Wikipedia backlink can also point to a web page or PDF file.


Wikipedia has one of the strongest domains on the web, and backlinking to this website gives you a chance to share your expertise with everyone on the planet. 


Despite the fact that Wikipedia backlinks are no-follow links, they still add SEO value to website content. It’s one of the Internet’s oldest and most authoritative websites, and not just any website can be linked from it.


Backlinks from Wikipedia are also beneficial for increasing the number of citations from other site owners who found your link on Wikipedia. This can lead to more relevant website traffic.


Wikipedia Backlinks

How To Get Backlinks From Wikipedia

Getting backlinks from Wikipedia is an excellent method for increasing the visibility of your brand. In this guide you will find step-by-step instructions to help you find your best opportunities to generate Wikipedia backlinks.


Open A Wikipedia Account

The first step in learning how to get Wikipedia backlinks is to create a new account. Although you are not required to register in order to contribute to Wikipedia pages, having an account makes it easier to generate backlinks to your website.


As a registered user, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Create your own user page in your sandbox to practice editing and publishing.
  • Use your own talk page to communicate with other editors.
  • Allow other editors to communicate with you more easily.

After having your Wikipedia account for 4 days and making at least 10 edits, you will be able to:

  • Gain permission.
  • Edit pages that are semi-protected.
  • Create new articles, rename pages, and add images.

And, once your account is 30 days old and you’ve made at least 500 edits, you’ll be able to edit extended protected pages to help improve Wikipedia’s entire content ecosystem.


Create Your Keyword Data Set

After creating a Wikipedia Account you want to follow these steps before you start backlinking:

  • Define your keyword data set to target;
  • Preliminary keyword research;
  • Compile a list of 25-50 general keywords.

The first step in the process is to choose the best topic page for your link. This comes before writing the content because your content should be tailored to the audience you’re trying to attract.


Like any other search engine optimization technique, keyword research is the foundation of any SEO strategy. The following step in determining how to create backlinks in Wikipedia is to define the keyword data set to target.


The goal here is to compile a list of broad keywords related to the subject you want to target for Wikipedia backlinks. Backlinks that are topically relevant are the best type for SEO.


However, not all topics have their own Wikipedia page, so create a list of 25-50 general keywords that you can research on the platform to learn which terms have their own Wikipedia listing.


Look For Wikipedia Backlink Opportunities

Now that you have a list of keywords, you can start looking for good Wikipedia backlink opportunities.

There are two kinds of wiki backlinks you can get:

Dead Links

New Links

On Wikipedia, a dead link is one that is no longer active but is still hyperlinked on the wiki page. When a linked resource disappears or is moved without using HTML redirection, this type of link rot occurs. A dead link is an excellent chance to get a Wikipedia backlink because you can provide updated content to replace that link.


Some methods you can use for locating dead links on Wikipedia are:


Manually search Wikipedia’s Dead Links Category List.

Adding a new link to Wikipedia is the process of creating a unique link to a new resource on a wiki page.


Anyone can add new links to relevant sections on Wikipedia pages. However, registered users with a good account history are more likely than guest users to get their backlinks to stick and become permanent.


Simply search the wiki pages you’re targeting for relevant keywords that could benefit from a new citation. Perhaps there is a statement, fact, or claim that lacks a resource to validate its accuracy. If so, that could be a good place to try to add a Wikipedia backlink.


Create A Resource On The Subject

The next step in learning how to get backlinks from Wikipedia is to create a high-quality resource on your website that can be linked from wiki pages with dead links or new citation opportunities.


In order to create a valuable resource for Wikipedia link building you can:

  • Use Wayback Machine for dead links, to find a saved copy of the content that’s gone missing and then recreate it on your own website.
  • For both dead and new links, you can create a high-quality piece of content that can replace the dead link or serve as a good resource for a new citation.

Poorly written content will fail a manual review by a Wikipedia editor


To become a permanent backlink for your website, the content should have high levels of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, and be highly related to the subject matter in the wiki page. Therefore, you should put a lot of time and energy into the content you create for Wikipedia link building.


Add A Backlink To The Wikipedia Page

The final step in learning how to get wiki backlinks is to add the link to the Wikipedia page. 


The best way to do this is to assess the page’s character and try to find the best spot for your link; additionally, you might consider:

  • Looking at the page discussion;
  • Analyzing the page history;
  • Searching for websites that are similar to yours and have Wikipedia listings for similar subjects.

To increase your chances of your backlink becoming permanent on Wikipedia, make sure you cite your website correctly. Otherwise, the link will be removed by another Wikipedia editor because it does not follow the proper markup language.


Wikipedia uses inline citations, which are required for any material that has been challenged or is likely to be challenged in the future. All quotations must also be cited. These standards apply to the entire article space.


You can insert a citation or reference at any time during the editing process. Footnotes should then appear in the appropriate section heading. 


The footnote markers in the text are actually clickable links to the corresponding footnote, and it is in that footnote that you will want to include the backlink to your source material.


Review Your Content On A Regular Basis

Even the most timeless content needs to be reviewed occasionally. 


To avoid losing your Wikipedia backlinks, you should check to see if: 

  • Another SEO competitor replaced your backlink;
  • The wiki page has been edited, and your backlink has been removed.

This timeframe for the highest quality content is usually in the order of five to ten years. But as part of any fully realized SEO link-building campaign, your content should be reviewed on a regular basis. 



This ensures that it hasn’t been slowly losing popularity due to link neglect. 

In this case, you need to investigate using the same steps you used to get the link in the first place. Before overwriting that edit with an explanation that the content on your site is better, make sure your content is of higher quality than the link that replaced yours. 



Be cautious because if you are deemed problematic, you might lose access to editing a page.

Are Wikipedia Backlinks Good For SEO?

While building backlinks on Wikipedia will not directly improve your SEO score, you can use it to boost your SEO score organically. 


Some of the main advantages of Wikipedia backlinks are:

  • High domain authority; 
  • There is no spam score;
  • High Trust flow;
  • Many citations.

Many bloggers, journalists, and students use a combination of Google and Wikipedia to research a topic. 


Wikipedia backlinks, understandably, are no-follow and do not affect page ranking. That isn’t to say they don’t contribute to a digital marketing campaign. 

When searching for information online, many people turn to Wikipedia. As a result, it is one of the most effective methods for increasing traffic to your website. 


People doing research will always link beyond the Wikipedia article itself to a properly placed resource they discovered within a Wikipedia article. This provides you with a highly leveraged method of “pitching” your content to a wide range of people actively researching the subject.


Readers will value your content and visit your page when searching for information in your niche. 


Backlinks from Wikipedia result in increased traffic to your website. Besides that, content creators will consider your website credible enough to link to when discussing topics related to your industry.


Can We Get Backlinks From Wikipedia?

You can use Wikipedia to generate backlinks to your website.


It only takes a few steps to create backlinks in Wikipedia. The most important part of this SEO strategy is to find dead links on the platform that can be replaced with links to your content, as well as find new opportunities to cite your website as a high-quality source of information.


Are Wikipedia Backlinks Good For SEO?


While building backlinks on Wikipedia will not directly improve your SEO score, you can use it to organically boost your SEO score.


Some of the main benefits of Wikipedia backlinks include high domain authority, no spam score, high trust flow, and numerous citations.



How Do I Find Broken Links On Wikipedia?


A method you can use for locating dead links on Wikipedia is by manually searching the Dead Links Category List on Wikipedia.


You can also use Google’s advanced search operator to find Wikipedia pages that are relevant to your keyword list. A dead link is an excellent chance to get a Wikipedia backlink because you can provide updated content to replace that link.

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