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How to Choose a PPC Account Manager that Is Right for Your Business

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one of the most efficient tactics of online marketing. It can make your company’s website stand out against the competition to attract qualified visitors.

Edona Shala

Content Writer

How to Choose a PPC Account Manager that Is Right for Your Business

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one of the most efficient tactics of online marketing. It can make your company’s website stand out against the competition to attract qualified visitors. It can also play an important part in turning those visitors into new business leads. 


But, PPC requires management, and not just anybody can handle a campaign successfully. Campaign managers need to have a set of talents and personality qualities to succeed, especially when dealing with high-pressure financial situations. 


So, if you’re looking for a good PPC account manager for your company, make sure they have the following characteristics:


  • They are proactive.
  • They are enthusiastic about the industry.
  • They are data-driven.
  • They are well-organized.
  • They have great communication skills.


Proactive individuals make great PPC managers because they are generally open to new tactics for success. They’re also the type of person who is willing to arrive a little earlier, stay a little later, and go above and beyond to make sure that a PPC campaign runs as smoothly as possible.


When given the space and inspiration needed for creativity, these people can also generate excellent ideas. That means they’ll be better at identifying flaws in your current strategies and will most likely enjoy trying to fix them.


Best of all, these are the people who don’t need much management. They can run with an idea with little supervision and adapt to new situations as needed. This is especially important in PPC, where statistics and information can change at any time.

Enthusiastic About the Industry

Every PPC manager should be enthusiastic about the world of online advertising. If they aren’t enthusiastic, they are unlikely to be willing to slog through all the data and changes just to keep a job that pays them. They can find work anywhere; what you need is someone who sees PPC as a career. 


Another reason enthusiasm matters is that enthusiastic people will voluntarily keep up to date in the industry. 


You won’t have to tell them to read a new blog or research a new case study; they’ll do it on their own and then report back to you for consideration. 


If you give them enough flexibility, they may even choose to update your PPC campaign on their own so they’re able to get the most returns for your dollar.


In general, having a passionate PPC manager means never having to worry about falling behind.


PPC is a data-heavy channel that requires people who enjoy sifting through incredibly detailed information. PPC data includes how much money you spend on clicks, how many people visit your site from specific keywords, and how much of an ROI you earn. 


These are just a few metrics, and PPC is packed with granular data that can help you succeed. You’ll need a data-savvy professional to sift through all that and separate the information that will help guide your future decisions. Without it, you have a bunch of numbers in a spreadsheet, which can quickly become overwhelming.


Rather than being overwhelmed, data-driven professionals get excited when they see brand-new data sets at their fingertips, even if the numbers are cluttered and disorganized at the time.


These individuals will organize all the information so that it is more easily digestible for those who aren’t obsessed with numbers.


Being well-organized is essential for PPC managers because tracking the results of your campaigns over time is one of their most important responsibilities. 


Managers need accurate data on ROI, conversions, and other metrics so they can compare your most recent statistics with those from the past. You won’t be able to tell if your PPC campaigns are generating results unless you compare them.


A PPC manager will also keep various campaigns completely separate from one another. They’ll have individual, recognizable names so that everyone can understand their purposes.


With that level of organization, you can be sure that you will receive the data required to manage your organization’s PPC procedure in the future, as well as the ability to analyze your company’s past and present information.

Great Communication Skills

Because PPC is unique to Online marketing, many marketing professionals who have expertise with traditional approaches have never used it. 


That means your PPC manager is one of the few people in your organization who can — and should — explain what PPC is, what it does, and how it benefits your business. 


Besides that, if you want to expand your PPC department, PPC managers should be able to delegate tasks. This individual needs to be capable to advise other PPC managers on how to improve their strategies. 


Additionally, if you have multiple managers in charge of different campaigns, they should all be able to work together to choose the most effective strategies.

Why Do You Need a PPC Account Manager?

In today’s competitive business world, there is no room for trial and error. Managing a project from start to finish is a time-consuming and exhausting task. 


Before highlighting why you should hire a PPC Account Manager, determining the worth of investing in PPC is essential.


The digital ad market has become so competitive that it is difficult for people to notice your ads. Statistics show that the average person is exposed to 6000 to 10,000 ads per day.


PPC advertising is a “huge driver” for 74% of brands and 79% of digital marketing agencies. The traffic from PPC ads converts to 50% higher than that of organic traffic (social and search).


An account manager for PPC services brings the necessary expertise that fits with your company’s business strategy.


Unlike traditional banner and classified ads, PPC ads need ongoing maintenance even after they are set up. PPC advertising generates large amounts of data, which means being alert when sorting and monitoring performance.


Hiring a PPC account manager eliminates the possibility of errors because they have a thorough understanding of the competitors and the market. They can help you outperform competitors and highlight your brand in the eyes of potential customers.


Not all businesses need a PPC manager to work in-house. You can hire someone in-house or work with a digital agency that can manage various marketing campaigns. 

Final Thoughts

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns’ success depends on having a qualified and skilled account manager. 


It’s important to take into account personality traits and abilities when choosing a PPC account manager. 


A PPC account manager is required to effectively manage the campaign, verify the accuracy of tracking metrics, and provide the necessary data for future analysis. 


Hiring a PPC account manager helps to ensure success and relieves the burden of maintaining and monitoring the campaign’s performance.

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