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How to Get Reviews on Facebook and Grow Your Business

In this post, we'll go over how to get Facebook reviews to help your business grow and how it may benefit you.

Fatjon Kabashi

Head of Social Media

How to Get Reviews on Facebook and Grow Your Business

Facebook reviews allow your customers to provide more information than simple star ratings or star reviews. These reviews, with the ability to truly describe the customer experience, provide social proof and increase potential customer trust and interest in your business.


A healthy number of Facebook reviews can help your page stand out, build trust, and increase sales. They can also be simple to collect with the right strategy. In this post, we’ll go over how to get Facebook reviews to help your business grow and how it may benefit you.

How to Get More Reviews for Your Facebook Page

You can use different tactics to encourage customers to leave reviews. Let’s look at some of the most important tips for increasing the number of reviews on your Facebook page.

Promote Through Other Social Media Platforms

It is important that you promote your Facebook page across all of your social channels, including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It doesn’t have to be anything unusual. Just promote your page or group on other social media platforms and invite people to join you. 

If you don’t inform your fans on other social media platforms that they can leave reviews on Facebook, they may never know. People who are interested in your brand can then follow you on Facebook, where they can leave reviews and testimonials.

You can embed social media profiles on your website so visitors can engage with your posts and follow you to learn more.

Call to Action for Facebook Reviews

If you want to get more Facebook reviews, make sure your website has a clear CTA button. You most likely already have social icons on your site that connect to your different social media platforms, including Facebook.

You can take this a step further by using a CTA specifically for the reviews and recommendations. Consider using a plugin to do this. When your site visitors see a feed with real customer reviews, it can boost their confidence and trust in your brand. 

Leverage Facebook Check-Ins

Most social media users enjoy sharing what they’re doing and where they are with their followers, which is why many people use Facebook to ‘check in’ to places. Check-ins are Facebook’s version of geotags and help increase your Facebook presence.

When someone checks in to your business on Facebook, it shares the post with their followers. A check-in is a type of recommendation, especially if it includes photos or a compliment. Recommendations and posts from friends could impact people.

So, how can you encourage your customers to check in to get more reviews? Following a user’s check-in, Facebook will typically send an automated reminder asking them to rate or review their experience. A gentle nudge may be all that is needed for them to leave a recommendation.

Consider rewarding customers for checking in. You could, for example, give them a discount or something for free. A small motivation can encourage customers to check in and, eventually, leave a review.

Be Responsive

By participating in the reviews, you can help visitors form a positive view of your company. One way of doing this is to respond to every review you receive, both positive and negative.

This creates a sense of transparency and authenticity. While your first reaction to a negative review may be to delete it, negative reviews can actually be beneficial. According to research, negative reviews can increase conversions by 67 percent. Also, negative reviews offer a chance to show strong customer service.

You can turn on page notifications to make responding to Facebook reviews easier. You’ll know right away if someone leaves a review, allowing you to respond quickly. You can set up notifications for any activity on your page. Click the Turn On link next to New Page Reviews if you only want to receive notifications for reviews.

Send Email Invitations

Email marketing can be a great tool to promote your brand, convert visitors, and ask for feedback. Email marketing can generate a return of $36 for every $1 spent.

After a customer buys something from you or used one of your services, it is a good time to ask for a review. Sending a follow-up email after the sale will help you achieve this. You can email your new customers asking them to leave a review on Facebook. You can sweeten the deal by providing discounts, coupons, free trials, or other rewards. 

Use Chatbot on Facebook Messenger

As technology improves, chatbots are getting more attention. And as they make advances into the customer service and marketing industries, they’re proving to be quite valuable.

Messages sent by chatbots have higher open rates, and as customers get used to them, they’re useful tools to have.

Using a Facebook Messenger chatbot to ask for a review can help you connect with a large number of new people. That means more reviews for your company.

How to Enable Facebook Reviews for Your Business Page

It’s worth double-checking if you’ve just created a new business page on Facebook or are not sure whether reviews are enabled. To enable reviews on your Facebook page, login, then click the Settings tab in the top-right corner, followed by Templates and Tabs in the left-hand navigation.


There should be a Reviews item under the Tabs section. If there isn’t one, scroll down to the bottom, click the Add a Tab button, and then choose Add Tab next to Reviews.


Click the Settings button to the right of the Reviews tab. Make sure the switch next to Show Reviews is turned to the ‘ON’ setting.


When you’re done, press the Save button.


By visiting your page, you can make sure that you have properly enabled Facebook reviews. There should be a Reviews tab in the left-hand column.


The rating of a business page on Facebook is based on reviews and recommendations. Users can only see your page’s rating if you have the recommendations turned on.

Benefits of Facebook Reviews

People no longer use Facebook only to communicate with family and friends. They use it to find and connect with brands, products, and services. They also use it to express their ideas and opinions. Reviews on Facebook sit at the meeting point of these two use cases. 

Customer feedback plays an important role in online marketing. According to research, 82 percent of consumers read and trust local business reviews. In fact, 91 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

Improve organic reach

Positive reviews and recommendations can increase the visibility of your business on Facebook. They appear in the News Feeds of the reviewer’s friends or when someone asks for recommendations. This increased visibility has the potential to attract more customers.

Facebook is the most common place for 55% of people to learn about new brands and products. Meanwhile, 66% are likely to share their thoughts, experiences, and opinions on this platform about their purchases.

Enhance credibility

A collection of positive reviews and recommendations acts as social proof, showing that the business you run provides a great client experience and is trustworthy and reliable. This can convince prospective customers to choose your products or services over those of your competitors.

Customer reviews impact social platforms, such as Facebook. According to research, two out of every three Facebook users visit a local business page at least once a week. About a third of users use the platform to look for reviews and recommendations.

Better ranking

Positive reviews can also help you rank higher in search engines, as search engines like Google consider user-generated content, such as reviews when determining search results.

When potential customers see lots of positive reviews, they are more likely to trust your business and be confident in their decision to use your products or services. 

Final Thoughts

Your Facebook business page is a key component of your social media marketing strategy. It’s a good idea to concentrate on increasing the number of reviews you receive if you want to make the most of the page’s value and use it to attract new customers. Promote your Facebook page on other social media platforms and embed social media profiles on your website to get more reviews. For increased visibility and recommendations, use clear call-to-action buttons and encourage customers to check in on Facebook. Responding to all reviews, positive or negative, shows transparency and authenticity. Use email invitations and Facebook Messenger chatbots to ask for reviews, boosting your organic reach, credibility, and potential ranking in search engines.

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