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Over 80% of consumer internet traffic will be online videos. Good video content simplifies complex topics, provides engaging storytelling and captures your customer's attention. Tactica's marketing team offers compelling video content. Our team of specialists develops media known for high conversion rates. Knowing that eight out of ten consumers want to watch a video over reading text, this is something your business needs. Tactica uses all of the best tools (Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects) to create visually captivating content. Contact us today to learn how our animation team can grow your business.

Video Animation at Tactica

Our Video Animation Services

Tactica's eight-step process for growing your business involves the following:


Logo Animation

A good logo is easily recognizable and communicates your business. With 2D or 3D animation, you can make your logo even more powerful and memorable.


2D Character Animation

We provide you with a dedicated PPC manager that works with you to establish clear and concise targets.


Typography Animation

Kinetic typography adds animation to your words. The addition of moving text is a simple way to catch your user's attention.


Motion Graphics Animation

Tactica's paid search strategists work across multiple industries. This expertise allows us to target long-tail, high-converting keywords.


3D Animation

Good animation develops new worlds or builds on current ones. Tactica provides compelling 3D animations custom for your business. If you want your product to be on top of your target market, it needs to be seen in the most creative and innovative ways possible.


Whiteboard Animation

Tactica focuses on a deep understanding of our partners. Without this understanding, we wouldn't be able to produce exceptional results.

Why Should Tactica Be Your Video Animation Services Provider

Tactica's video creation services have a proven track record of success. Here's why you should choose us over the competition:


Most video content creators charge you heavily for low-quality editing. Tactica's pricing is the best option for small businesses with tight budget restrictions. Our process prioritizes efficiency and quality, allowing us to charge less than the creator of animated content.

Engaging videos

Awe-inspiring content is where Tactica thrives. Our videos come from animators and voice actors who have been in the business for years. Because of this, we know what works, and our engaging videos have contributed to increasing social media followers by tens of thousands from zero.

Creative team

Tactica encourages a creative process in everything we do. This creativity comes from input from our clients and the freedom of our staff. We trust our team to meet (and exceed) your marketing goals with the latest trends in video animation.

Fast turnaround

The video creation process can be time-consuming. Tactica's video creation process comes from years of experience. Our project managers know how to push high-quality content out with speedy turnaround times. That is less time waiting for results and more time watching customers engage.

Why Choose Tactica for Your Link Building Services

Tactica transforms web design into direct revenue for your business. We are the best choice for your web design team for these reasons:

Thorough Site Analysis

If your website isn't seeing growth, it requires a complete analysis from the right specialists. Our team can plug the gaps, identify top performers, and create a comprehensive strategy based on what you need. Tactica's complete site analysis process has shown results within 13 weeks. Your business deserves a team that can generate results.

Whitehat Strategies

Whitehat link building is the process of determining the best sites and most secure domains. This focus avoids the alternative (black hat strategies) that attempts to manipulate Google in a way that will tank your ratings. The extra steps that we take for your business will ensure that you achieve long-term success. You want to be sure that your SEO link-building team is as thorough as you are with your business.

Data-Driven Campaigns

Our PPC team has the expertise you need. We work with numerous clients across all industries, showing results in each one. Regardless of what ad services you need, Tactica has the staff and the talent to handle cost-effective campaigns that work for your business.

Professional and Results-Driven Team

This expertise comes with the knowledge that PPC has no "one-size-fits-all" solution. It requires deep industry knowledge from those who are willing to cooperate. Your business goals are priority number one for Tactica, ensuring your company vision is at the center of what we do.

You’re not just a project, you’re our partner

Our Video Animation Process

A streamlined animation creation process is necessary to get your needs addressed. Here is a closer look at our process:



You are assigned a project manager to address all of your needs. After a short Q&A session, we establish your requirements. You have final approval on our project, ensuring you get what you need.



Our scriptwriters spend hours bouncing ideas off each other. They discuss the best ways to meet your vision using proven video marketing techniques. Tactica's editorial team is skilled in any industry, writing for any audience.



A team of expert designers comes together to meet your vision. Our skilled video creators work in 3D, 2D, motion graphics, and any popular medium.


Storyboard development

The storyboard is a representation of the final product. It goes out to you to give it approval before we start the hard work. We perform the necessary revisions to ensure we meet your needs.



The animation process takes most of the weeks to make your video. We only start this process with your approval, saving you time and money.



We submit the video to you for approval during this step. Delivery takes place so that it is optimized for all video sites (YouTube, Vimeo, and other custom video players).

Some of the animations made at Tactica

We have worked on a great number of projects, both big and small. For each project, we put our utmost effort to make the best animation possible. We would like to take this opportunity to show you some of our previous work. We hope you enjoy these samples of our work.

tactica project

Fully responsive website

Video animation

tactica project

Fully responsive website

Logo Intro

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Here are the top questions asked by our subscribers:

What are the benefits of animated videos?

Animated videos increase conversion rates by 80%. Most marketers understand this, which is why most traffic occurs in a video format. Adding videos to your landing pages is an excellent way to describe how your product solves its problem. It is far easier to watch something than to read it.

What type of videos do you animate?

Our skilled staff animates all types of videos. Tactica's expert editors work in 3D, 2D, motion graphics, logo animation, and current formats. These styles include long-form and short-form content. Our video editing team stays up-to-date with the latest trends in animation. Continuing education in our staff is what differentiates us from the competition.

How long does it take you to animate a video?

Tactica's streamlined animation process can complete most videos within six weeks. This time can change in the event the work requires more detail. Our process focuses on providing high-quality video content over being quick. Regardless, our team has the experience to meet tight deadlines based on your needs.

How many revisions do I get?

Tactica's process is built to limit revisions as much as possible. The detailed animation process doesn't begin until step four, where we will have gotten your approval based on a storyboard. We make revisions on the storyboard until it meets your wishes. This process ensures you are delighted with the video before it finishes production.

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