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Your site will be transformed by our award-winning search engine marketing techniques to optimize for web crawlers and visitors. Our specialized SEO strategies produce more revenue, leads, brand awareness – all while leveraging the best in Pittsburgh’s most reputable companies.

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Businesses, individuals and organizations are harnessing the power of search engine optimization to propel their online presence. We will help you improve your ranking on google so that more people can find out about what it is you do!

Want a competitive advantage over your competitors? Need increased traffic flow for higher sales conversion rates? Want better exposure in today’s digital world economy while saving money too?! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the answer – let us show you how our SEO strategies work together with marketing needs and budget constraints to get desired outcomes. Partner up with an experienced Pittsburgh-based company offering high-quality services at reasonable prices which exceed those offered by competitor companies like yours!

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We will create an SEO strategy that supports your business goals. We’re going to take care of every detail so you can focus on what’s important: building and running the best company possible!

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Marketing Specialists

Unlike most SEO companies, we know what it takes to rank your website on the search engine. Our Pittsburgh-based team of experts can handle web design and development as well as keywords that are perfect for you!

Let our international staff take care of social media or any other service in order to get phenomenal results no matter where your business is located.

SEO strategy unique to your business

Off-site SEO

We provide you with the links to credible and relevant sites that will help your domain authority by building trust for those who visit.

On-site SEO

Make your site rank higher by understanding how critical internal links, page load speed and metadata are in SEO ranking algorithms.

E-commerce SEO

We can handle it all - from complete web design to quick SEO fixes - so, we're the perfect partner no matter what their needs or timeline is!

Local SEO

With Amazon Vendor Services and Online Store SEO or Google Merchant Center - we've got everything from Product Description templates all that way up through ecommerce solutions with tools like Quick Shopping Cart!


Whether you are using social media platforms for marketing or just building relationships with potential customers, make sure that your ads show up in front of their eyeballs so it sticks.

Structured Data

Adding Schema markup to your website will make it easy for search engines and users alike. By implementing all types of schema we can enhance organic results, improve the user experience, increase click-through rates (CTRs), as well as reduce bounce rate in a way that is both practical and beautiful.

Content Writing

We specialize in providing our clients with excellent copywriting services that will give their websites what they need- contact us today to see how we can help yours succeed.

Keyword Research

Our automated keyword trend tracker will help you get ahead of the competition with access to SEO trends that are happening now!

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Delivers Results

SEO is at the top of every online business owner’s list. Our Pittsburgh Local SEO company, knows that and has created a team with years of experience in boosting rankings for local businesses just like yours! We are passionate about helping you grow your revenue by increasing traffic to your website or blog from people searching Google on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

If you want more customers coming through the door then give us a call today–we will get started right away so we can make sure you have an edge this year against all those other companies vying for their share too!


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We’re the people that are always looking out for you, whether it be through our SEO services or by seeing things from your point of view. What does this mean? Well, we know how hard these days are and when a company is struggling to make ends meet in any way possible – like gaining more exposure on Google Maps (or other search engine).

We want to help so let us show you what makes our team different than others: they might use white hat techniques or even black hat ones but their sole purpose is getting results as fast as humanly possible because at the end of the day all businesses need growth!

Google Business Optimization

You’ve got a Pittsburgh-based company but need some extra attention from Google? As an SEO expert firm with years of experience making businesses thrive on local searches for increased traffic prospects — let us work our magic for you today!

Local On-Page Optimization

SEO is a crowded field – but if you’re ready to stand up and be noticed in Pitssburgh or nationwide, it’s time to get started with us today! From keyword research and placement pricing options tailored specifically for small businesses like yours; we’ve got everything covered.

Schema structured data

We’ll research, develop quality links in Pittsburgh with authority-building potentials and build them up to be the best they can possibly be for your site!

Local link building

Link-building is a great way of increasing traffic on Google, which in turn will help increase revenue for businesses like yours!

Pittsburgh SEO Audits & Consulting

Our SEO experts care about your website's progress on the search engines. They offer ongoing consulting and frequent audits to ensure that any changes you make are helping improve rankings in Google, Yahoo!, Bing, etc.

We take a hands-on approach by inspecting all areas of your site including server settings, hosting setup code development text & image optimization meta tags keyword usage schema implementation title tags heading distribution sitemaps robots txt.

National SEO Services in Pittsburgh

You want visitors to your site and we have the perfect solution. Our global SEO services will help you rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) so that customers can find what they need more easily than ever before! In addition, our Pittsburgh SEO Company provides a variety of other benefits for businesses such as staying ahead of competitors and taking lead in industries.

Reach Broader Audiences Daily

National SEO campaigns are long-term investments that require patience and a range of audiences. However, with the help of our Pittsburgh experts in this field, your site will be visible to your target audience all over the US so you can start seeing a surge in visitors from various regions!

In order to reach more people than those in Pittsburgh, you need a plan that incorporates SEO and marketing while considering your content meta descriptions, code optimization quality for original images. Our company also offers text-code ratio improvements as well as URL structure enhancements like breadcrumbs.

Content campaigns

Our SEO team understands the relevance of engaging content on every website out there. As such, we help you with a list of well-researched trending and relevant keywords in your industry so that it doesn't matter what time or day people are searching for information about products like yours; they'll find them because our web crawlers know how to index websites as valuable when something is popular right now.

Backlink campaigns

The perfect backlink campaigns help your website overpower the competition and appear as a credible authority on any topic. We can give you this edge through targeted social media posts, references from reputable sites, and guest blog posting!

Code optimization

We understand how important your website is to you. We are here to put in the extra effort and offer a range of services from fixing bugs, updating features based on what will work best for your target audience, or doing anything else that might need attention so it can do its job perfectly!

Image Optimization

Images are one of the most essential components to building a website. Not only do they make your site more attractive, but also improve user experience by making them stay longer on your site and ultimately increasing traffic. It is important not just for high ranking search engine optimization (SEO) purposes that you use images well; if done poorly, it can actually reduce loading time which will affect how long people remain on pages as opposed to continuously exploring different sites or platforms across the web in their quest for information.

The best rankings for businesses and organizations are usually online, but the ones with SEO strategies developed by experts always rank higher than others. Our team members know how to put you above your competition on search engines using today's latest marketing techniques like social media optimization or email campaigns.

Get a consultation from our specialists who have what it takes!

Competitor Analysis

Our Pittsburgh SEO specialists and researchers will closely examine your competition, learn their strategies and techniques, highlight the keywords they rank for while also utilizing our own tactics to promote you.

Competitor analysis is a great way of identifying weaknesses in other companies' online presence that we can exploit so as to improve yours. Our team members use this information when crafting content strategy plans or analyzing data structures on sites such as Google Analytics etc.

SEO Strategy

We will create an SEO strategy that supports your business goals. What's a better goal than getting more customers? But not just any customer, we want the right kind of customer for what you're selling so they'll be happy and return often which is good both for them and us! Ranking in search pages can be difficult but it doesn't have to stop our success because we've got this all figured out ahead of time. We know how important those high-traffic keywords are too - after all who wants their content buried under millions upon million other websites with identical or similar information?

Pittsburgh SEO for E-commerce

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and make sure your online store ranks higher than other websites, then we're here for you! We specialize in SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is a process that optimizes pages on an online site so they appear high when customers search products.

We also have expertise with product optimization such as keyword research, website layout design, and meta descriptions just to name a few things with greater importance for your marketing strategy. For instance- if we were running an E-commerce business like Google Merchant Center but all it takes is some good old fashioned creativity?


In order to compete in today's marketplace, online business owners are looking for ways to increase their web traffic. The best way is through SEO and this means enlisting the help of a qualified company who specializes in these services. At our Pittsburgh agency, we employ knowledgeable professionals that can take you from being an unknown entity on Google all the way up into first page results!

Our Hybrid SEO & PPC Strategy

Social Media Advertising

With the use of Google Analytics (which tracks trending keywords for us) as well as Google Keyword Planner which allows tracking of search volume data over time across different geographic areas), our team can best decide how we should advertise or market ourselves online based off what people want right now.

PPC Campaigns

Our team of passionate SEO experts helps you generate more revenue through Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Ads. Our previous successful campaigns feature organized structure and quality keywords.

Set up, management, regular monitoring, and improved management are just a few of the PPC services we offer for our Pittsburgh clients who need to make an impact with their marketing strategy!

Creative Digital Solutions

Do you have an online presence? If not, then why not contact us today for a free consultation and our team of professionals will help build your website the right way.

We specialize in SEO experts, professional web designers, programmers and developers to assist with any issues or projects that need done on-demand from content writers who can work together on upgrading your business for new customers or maintaining old ones. All this without breaking the bank!

Successful SEO Result

Our dedicated team of developers and SEO experts take great pride in our company's ability to create the best digital content on any given search engine.

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Create my SEO Strategy

We will create an SEO strategy that supports your business goals. We’re going to take care of every detail so you can focus on what’s important: building and running the best company possible!

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There are many variables that determine how quickly you'll see your website rank higher on search engines such as domain authority, social media shares, relevancy of content published... you get the picture. It's almost impossible to give a specific answer because every single keyword has its own set of metrics and there are hundreds if not thousands more factors into account.

The cost of a search engine optimization (SEO) in Pittsburgh will vary depending on the needs and requirements. The type, size, scope and other factors can all affect how much it costs to complete a project. Some services may be more affordable than others while certain things like keyword density will also impact pricing for each campaign so you should set expectations accordingly when seeking out quotes.

From blogs to e-commerce sites, Tactica has a proven track record of optimizing for SEO in many industries. Tactica is respected in the industry for its ability to optimize websites from end-to-end by building a unique SEO strategy and managing all aspects of SEO work.

We offer top-tier locally targeted SEO for small businesses. Our experts are expertly trained to provide your business with the greatest possible reach in order to make a lasting impression on potential customers and clients alike.