Link Building Services: Smart Guide to Higher Rankings

Explore the essentials of link building, a key strategy for boosting online visibility and organic traffic, as we delve into its complexities and practical implementation in SEO.

Petrit Halitaj

Head of SEO

What Is Link Building?

Link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. These hyperlinks, commonly referred to as backlinks, play an essential role in SEO by developing a website’s credibility, visibility, and overall, its authority.

Is Link Building Still Relevant to SEO in 2024

Achieving success with link building may take some time; however, it remains a crucial aspect of any SEO strategy. even in 2024. At Tactica, we are very loud to incorporate an off-page SEO strategy to compliment the overall SEO activities and accelerate quicker rankings for our clientele. 

If you have not yet initiated your link building efforts, it’s important to start now. Slowly and steadily building high-quality links will prove to be a wise investment in the long run, and you’ll be glad you did. 


Benefits of Link Building

When done correctly, link building can yield significant results. We will touch upon the results you can expect below.

1. Improved search engine rankings


Search engines consider backlinks a sign of a website’s trustworthiness, relevance, and overall quality. For this reason, numerous websites with a larger number of quality backlinks tend to have a higher altitude in search results, endeavoring to increase organic traffic.

2. Enhanced referral traffic

Apart from SEO benefits, backlinks serve as shortcuts for visitors to locate your website through other reputable sources. High-quality backlinks from authoritative websites can drive significant referral traffic to your site, potentially converting visitors into customers or regular readers.

3. Established authority

Link building assists in setting-up your website as a reliable source in its function and position. So, when other sites refer to your website, it indicates that the site is trustworthy and authoritative.

What Makes a Backlink Good or Bad

A high-quality backlink derives from a trustworthy source, providing value to the connected content by improving the overall user experience. These particular links are acquired through good quality content, building authentic relationships and genuine interest. Thus, these links allow search engines to trace and transfer authority.

On the other hand, a bad backlink derives from low-quality content and suspicious sources often through manipulative techniques such as link farms or schemes causing harm to the SEO performance of the site.

With over 5 years of experience in link building, we’ve built a system to hunt high-quality links and dodge the bad ones. If you’re interested in an analysis of your current backlink profile, reach out to us and let’s discuss.

Effective Strategies for Link Building that Still Work in 2024

Successful link-building strategies are essential for boosting online presence, establishing authority, and upgrading rankings on search engines. Our long experience of acquiring top-notch links for our clients illuminated the most successful strategies in link building and we’re sharing them with you.

1. Create Quality Content

Incorporating captivating and informative content is the starting point of a successful link building strategy. Therefore, creating blogs, writing various articles, and selecting audiovisuals (infographics and videos) that supply distinctive insights or helpful information are more likely to lure backlinks from other websites. Always, a primary focus should be creating content that addresses and helps your target audience’s needs and offers them numerous solutions to solving their problems.

2. Guest Posting

Alive and kicking in 2024, guest posting will continue to be a great strategy to earn links. It involves creating and publishing content on external websites with a backlink to your own. By contributing valuable content to relevant platforms, you establish your expertise and gain exposure to a new audience, potentially earning high-quality backlinks. Guest posting has proved to be an effective strategy for our team at Tactica. We’ve managed to obtain countless high-quality backlinks for our clients over the years.


Here are some advantages of guest posting that we’ve leveraged in our work:

Building backlinks

In the vast majority, backlinks have a great significance for SEO since guest posting addresses an effective way to obtain them. For instance, high quality backlinks strive to show that your content is relevant and comprehensible.

Increasing credibility and authority

Publishing pre-checked and credible content on authoritative sites makes you an expert in your field. Thus, it boosts your credibility towards a wider audience and potential clientele.

Networking opportunities

The biggest advantage that guest posting might possess. Subsequently, it creates a great opportunity to collaborate with various influencers, and it can open doors for future partnerships.

3. Influencer Outreach

Dealing with influencers in your industry can increase your link-building efforts in 2024. Collaborating with various influencers through co-creating content, interviews, providing expert insights, and so forth can lead to backlinks and increased visibility to their own followers.

Some of the advantages of influencer outreach are identifying relevant/trustworthy influencers that align with your brand values. Having the opportunity to create compelling collaborative content such as co-authored blog posts, product reviews and sponsored content would be another great benefit.

4. Broken Link Building

Broken link building is one of the link building strategies that first identifies and then replaces a broken or dead link on another website with a brand-new replaceable link from your own website. This strategy will continue to be used in 2024. It includes three crucial points: identifying broken links, generating a replaceable link, and outreaching to webmasters.

Some advantages of broken link building:

More links
The total success of the broken link building relies on the relevance and quality of the replacement content.
By selecting trusted and high-quality content with the alignment of the broken link, you automatically increase the likelihood of webmasters accepting your link as a perfect replacement.

Ethical and beneficial
Some of the link building tactics may be comprehended as manipulative or spammy. On other hand, broken link building is beneficial and mutually ethical, which leads webmasters to appreciate your broken links and you benefit from and improved content accessibility.


Improved user experience
The most crucial goal of broken link building is to increase the user experience over the Internet by establishing links that lead to relevant content.
Therefore, by actively participating in this process, you contribute to a more joyful online experience for users.

5. Digital PR

Digital PR is another approach to public relations that controls digital channels and platforms to ensure the management of a brand’s online reputation. As a strategy, it increases its reach over social media, online influencers, publications and so forth. Here are the benefits that come with Digital PR when you work with a team like our Tacticians who know what they’re doing.

Multimedia content
One of the most important features of Digital PR is its focus on creating trustworthy and enthralling content. This particular content piece will not be like traditional press releases but will include various audiovisuals, infographics, and other interactive media. Through Digital PR, your content will have the potential to attract organic links with a broader audience, inspiring other websites to create a backlink as a reference.

Attaining high-value features
Digital PR generally allows businesses to attain high-value features over authoritative publications. Being part of these publications provides valuable exposure and creates genuine backlinks. These particular links are often recognized as genuine and secure by search engines, contributing directly to improved search rankings.

Real-time monitoring
If you seek real-time monitoring and analysis, digital PR offers you this feature. Different marketers can monitor the performance of their actual PR campaigns, pointing out which strategies are generating the vast majority of links and traction. In particular, this allows more constant optimization and adaptation, ensuring that the efforts are focused on the most effective tactics.

6. The Skyscraper Link Building

The skyscraper link building concerns the process of creating superior content in addition to enhancing and securing high-quality backlinks. This link building strategy is focused on three crucial components: research, creation, and outreach. These components serve to make your content as best as possible in order to be at the top of the digital skyline.


Some of the characteristics of the Skyscraper technique:

Thorough research
It is the first stage of implementing this strategy, which involves deep research. Moreover, it helps you to identify your content, which has proven to be trustworthy.

High-quality Content Creation
This link building strategy seeks the creation of extraordinary content. Therefore, it allows you to select the identified link-worthy content and to upgrade it by adding recently updated information, more value, and more audiovisual elements, which will offer a unique perspective. The main goal is to outperform the competition.

Strategic Outreach
Outreach is the bridge that connects your content and potential linkers. Thus, it helps you to reach out to those who have linked to similar content back in the past. In other words, be concise and communicate the value of your content by showing genuine interest in their perspectives.


Steer Clear of These Link Building Strategies

In digital marketing, maintaining the art of link building is crucial for enhancing one’s particular website’s authority and visibility. Nevertheless, not all link building strategies are equal in their function. Thus, some may promise you fast-paced results but, on the other hand, may lead you towards long-term damage. While our link building team prioritizes ethical link building, many don’t. So, here you may find some tips on how to avoid some of the link building strategies offering you a more cautious and successful SEO journey.

1. Link farms

Link farms may promise you high efficiency, but in reality, they pose a remarkable risk of incurring search engine penalties. Nonetheless, building those links organically through authentic content and relationships offer you the most effective and sustainable approach.

2. Purchasing Backlinks

People are exposed to vulnerability over the internet. The temptation of purchasing backlinks may offer you a quick boost in the rankings, but search engines are detecting them as unnatural link patterns. Purchasing those backlinks not only violates search engines’ policy but can result in heavier penalties, such as jeopardizing your site’s standing. Highly not recommended.

3. Private blog networking (PBNs)

These networks of websites are created with the clear purpose of manipulating search engines. They constrain interlinking a set of blogs or other websites to create artificial link authority and improve the SEO of another site. Dealing with PBNs has consequences since they violate search engines, and you may have penalties. For instance, Google is constantly updating its algorithms to detect and penalize those PBNs. Another penalty that may happen is deindexing, where search engines may deindex your website and will no longer appear in search engine results.

4. Common link schemes

In the first stages of SEO, common linking schemes, also known as reciprocal linking, were very common. Nowadays, various search engines encounter this practice as highly manipulative. Alternatively, try to prioritize organic link acquisition through the creation of high-quality content.

5. Links from Sites with “Write Us” pages

Numerous link-building services typically engage in the subsequent process::


  • They dig Google’s search results to find websites featuring “write us” pages.
  • As a result, these services send potential emails to identified sites proposing to place their content for a fee.

However, the challenge arises with sites having “write for us” pages:


  • They often have sites that are frequently targeted and heavily utilized by distinguished link-building services.
  • They often receive an abundance of irrelevant content, spanning from different tutorials to unrelated constructional advice.
  • Such websites are often purpose-built to sell links, leveraging the attractiveness of a “write for us” page.
  • There is a possible likelihood that Google as an engine automatically devalues links deriving from these sites, rendering them in terms of value.


Avoiding too-good-to-be-true link building offers is more than essential for preserving a website’s authority and credibility. Below you may find some crucial aspects to be cautious and avoid when evaluating link building offers:

Instant results promises

Instant results sometimes involve risky link shortcuts that can lead you to the search engines’ penalties. You should avoid it since genuine link building is a gradual process and stop using services that promise prodigious results.


Low-quality backlinks

In today’s economy, links hold strong value to the website owners. Acquiring a high-quality content, authentic outreach-based link involves several costs like a publishing fee – acknowledging the link’s value – and expenses for a writer in order to write a substantial article; an outreach admin to contact and arrange placements, order management personnel for customer service and so forth.  As a result, an authentic outreach-based relevant link typically is more expensive.


Thus, be cautious when encountering offers for outreach-based guest posts at lower prices, since it often indicates the use of PBNs. 


It is remarkable to point out that not all expensive link-building providers guarantee quality service. Hence, these cost considerations provide insight into what to expect from a genuinely high-quality service.



Why Work with a Link Building Agency?

Hiring a link-building agency provides various benefits for businesses aiming to increase their online visibility and optimize their overall SEO tactics. Listed below you may find some compelling ground to contemplate engaging with a link building agency like Tactica, who have been in the business of obtaining superb links  for many years now:

1. Time efficiency

Outsourcing link-building points out the advantage of saving your team time by enabling them to concentrate on other critical facets of your business. Besides, agencies possess the distinguished resources and capacity to manage link-building campaigns more smoothly rather than internal teams.

2. Cost Consideration

Considering costs, a quality link-building service generally entails expenses, posing a considerable factor for smaller businesses operating within a constrained budget.

3. Access to resources and tools

Link-building agencies generally have access to numerous ranges of resources and tools, enhancing their capabilities to analyze data, recognize various opportunities and execute successful strategies.

4. Experience and expertise

Link-building agencies generally hire and consist of professionals who are highly knowledgeable regarding the latest SEO trends and its best practices. Our link-building team, at Tactica, comprises the most skilled and innovative professionals in the industry. Their enriched expertise in effective link-building strategies ensures the future of your campaign. 

At the End

In a nutshell, a thorough grasp of effective link-building strategies and the must-avoid ones is essential for many individuals looking forward to enhancing their website ranking. However, by exploring the details of these strategies and applying the knowledge gained, you build new opportunities for improved online content and visibility, credibility, authority and obviously you build a stronger position in the competitive digital universe.

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