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TikTok SEO in 5 Steps

Remember when we used to say ‘Google it’ to find things? Well, now there’s ‘TikTok it’! TikTok isn’t exactly a search engine, but it’s a place where people from all around the world search for various interesting topics using its search bar.

Fatjon Kabashi

Head of Social Media

TikTok SEO in 5 Steps: The Best Way to Rank Your Videos

Remember when we used to say ‘Google it’ to find things? Well, now there’s ‘TikTok it’! TikTok isn’t exactly a search engine, but it’s a place where people from all around the world search for various interesting topics using its search bar.


If you create TikTok videos, you’d want them to show up when people search, right? That’s where TikTok SEO (search engine optimization) comes in.


With these essential steps to TikTok SEO, you will be able to reach a much wider audience and improve visibility.

What is TikTok SEO?

TikTok SEO makes your videos popular on TikTok. It’s about making your videos show up well in TikTok’s search and ‘For You Page.’ Instead of optimizing websites better for Google, you make videos better for TikTok.


Lots of young people, especially Gen Z, now use TikTok and Instagram to find information instead of using Google. Before, TikTok was all about popular dances and trending music, but now it’s become a place where you can search for many different things. 


You can find outfit ideas, recipes, tips for job interviews, and even money advice. These are just a few examples of what people look for on TikTok, but there are many more things you can find there.


Did you know that 40% of Gen Z, prefer using TikTok to find things instead of Google? For example, when they want to discover a cool place to eat, they might search on TikTok. If you’re a restaurant on TikTok, you want your videos to be the first ones they see when they look for lunch spots. That’s where TikTok SEO comes in.


Younger people don’t seem to like waiting for Google to give them answers. They prefer short videos that quickly tell them things. Gen Z also trusts TikTok reviews and suggestions because they come from real creators. This trust makes TikTok a popular place for searching, and it’s getting more popular all the time.

How to do SEO on TikTok: Algorithm, Ranking Factors, and More

TikTok SEO is super important for your business to do well. Lots of people use TikTok instead of search engines, so it’s crucial to treat TikTok SEO just like Google SEO.


Here’s a brief overview of what you can do:


  • Make fun and interesting videos.
  • Use hashtags in a smart way.
  • Guide your TikTok fans to your website.
  • Work with popular TikTok stars.
  • Try TikTok ads.
  • Check out TikTok’s marketing numbers.


We might not know all the secrets of TikTok’s algorithm, but we do know some things that can help your videos get noticed on the ‘For You’ page.


TikTok’s recommendations are unique for each person. Your age, where you live, and how you use TikTok affect what you see. But the main things that matter are how you interact with videos. TikTok learns from this and shows you similar stuff you might like.


If you’re new, pay attention to these important things to get noticed.

Ranking Factors

To understand TikTok SEO, it’s important to know what TikTok considers when ranking content. Here are the main factors:


  • User Interactions: This involves everything you do with TikTok videos—watching them completely or skipping, liking, hiding, or saving them as favorites. TikTok uses this data to decide which videos to show you.


  • Video Details: Everything in a video matters—captions, hashtags, sounds, and music. TikTok prefers videos with relevant keywords in titles and descriptions, focusing on trending topics.


  • Device and Account Settings: These include your location, type of mobile device, and interests you chose when creating your account. TikTok uses this info to improve your experience, showing content that matches your preferences.


Understanding these factors helps TikTok decide which videos suit your tastes and interests.

The Importance of TikTok SEO

TikTok is now used a lot like Google, especially by Gen Z. It’s becoming a strong competitor to Google. If you’re someone who creates TikTok videos and wants more people to see them, you need to make sure they’re easy to find. This means having a TikTok SEO plan.


Using SEO tricks helps TikTok know what your videos are about. That way, TikTok can match your videos with the right viewers. 


Sometimes, videos can become popular without thinking about TikTok SEO, but it’s like riding a unicycle instead of a bicycle through town. To do well, it’s smart to think about TikTok search when making videos.


Making your TikTok content better for search gives your brand a better chance to show up on people’s ‘For You Page’ or search results. Using tactics like hashtags helps TikTok understand and share your content. 


For instance, if someone likes money-related videos or searches for finance topics, TikTok will suggest similar videos and accounts to that person.

5 TikTok SEO Steps For Optimizing Your Videos

Getting your videos noticed can be hard, but it’s possible! To make your TikTok videos stand out, try a few tricks.


Follow these steps when you post your next video.


Begin with Keyword Research

Unlike tools for Google’s SEO and its various types of keywords, there aren’t specific tools for finding keywords on TikTok yet. But we can still get clues from TikTok itself.


When you’re starting to find keywords, try using TikTok’s search bar. As you type, TikTok will suggest things related to what you’re searching for. This helps you know what people usually look for.


When you’re working on TikTok SEO, picking the right videos is key. Just like other types of SEO, think about three things: how much they matter, how many people look for them, and how tough it is to rank them.


The best keywords are ones that aren’t too hard to rank for, are super important to your audience, and lots of people search for them. Sometimes, you might need to change your keywords a bit or skip some features. For example, you might choose keywords that aren’t hard to rank for but are super important to your audience and what you do.


Also, check out hashtags related to your area of interest. These hashtags show how popular certain keywords are. The number next to each hashtag tells you how many people saw videos with that hashtag.


After you’ve gathered your keywords, group them into categories. These categories can help decide what kind of videos to make.


Make Your Content Relevant by Using Keywords and Hashtags

Hashtags are like labels that help people find videos about similar topics. Using about five hashtags related to what your video is about can help more people find it. For example, if you’re into fashion, you could use hashtags like #style, #ootd, #fashionista, #styleinspo, and #outfitinspo.


These hashtags are super important for making your TikTok videos easier to find. Recently, Google has started showing TikTok videos in search results, which can be helpful. But remember, lots of these videos are from companies promoting themselves.

So, if you’re a small business on TikTok, using the right hashtags in your video description is key. This helps your videos show up in the right searches. If you’re selling something, like a product, using hashtags related to it can get more people to create videos about it.


Just keep using the same hashtags consistently, and your videos will end up where they should be. When more people find your videos, your views and followers will likely increase too!


Keep Up with TikTok Trends and Challenges

TikTok trends change a lot, so the best tip is to stay active on TikTok.


To find the latest trends that suit you, start using TikTok yourself. Pay attention to popular sounds, songs, video creation methods, etc. Look for hashtags that match what you like, then like or comment on those trending videos. This helps TikTok show you more similar videos on your ‘For You’ page. 


Remember, trends on TikTok move fast, so don’t spend too much time thinking—just go for it when you have an idea.


Take Advantage of TikTok’s Trending Audio

Using popular sounds on TikTok can make your videos fun! Most TikTok users think sound is super important for a great experience.


TikTok’s Creative Center helps you find cool sounds that are trending every day. You can even choose sounds from different places if your audience is somewhere else.


To use trending sounds, check out the Creative Center and find a sound that suits your video. Then, you can either make your own video using that sound or use the ‘Duet’ feature to join someone else’s video.


Remember, don’t just copy what others do! Make the sound your own by adding your unique style. With a bit of creativity, you can use popular sounds to make your videos awesome!


Develop Authority

To get noticed on TikTok, being seen as ‘reliable’ is important. When lots of other pages link to your videos, it shows TikTok that you’re trustworthy. This can help your videos reach the top.


Also, being active on popular social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook makes TikTok see you as important. Google thinks these sites are important too. So, if you share similar content on these platforms, it can help people find your TikTok videos.


Being seen as trustworthy and being active on other social media can boost your TikTok videos!

Final Thoughts

TikTok SEO is extremely important because TikTok is growing fast, and more and more people search using visuals. 


Using short videos as part of your content is a smart move for the future. There are different types of TikTok videos you can try, like funny ones, educational ones, following trends, working with famous people, or making videos for your local area. It means giving people what they want, when they want it, in a way they like.


Brands that make great content will do better, while those that don’t may lose traffic. So, if you want your business to do well, TikTok is a must.

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