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5 Content Marketing Trends You Must Know in 2023

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of crafting a creative content marketing strategy

Rilind Elezaj

Content Strategist

The Adoption Of AI In Content Is Happening

Trends are anticipated in every sphere of marketing. Organizations have to update their methods with every novelty that shows up in the market. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to remain a constant element around the world, its influence is inevitable even in the marketing approaches. To maintain steady growth, marketing strategies must be updated based on the ever-changing content trends.


If you are wondering why content changes so much, then the answer simply lies in the consumers’ demands. Together with new customers’ interests, new trends show up and new forms of technology are required. The always-growing use of mobile devices and social media are now some of the most important elements involved in the new innovations. Platforms also evolve themselves, with already established sites updating their practices to fit the new demands. Similarly, content markets have to update their tactics to meet the new requirements. What worked last year, might not work at all this year.


So, what are the big content trends for the year 2023? And how does one get prepared? Let’s dive into the five biggest content marketing trends you need to know about this year:



The concept that as technology advances, robots will be doing more human jobs is not something new. Technology keeps altering the management methods in almost all industries. Artificial Intelligence or AI covers various types of technologies such as machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing among others. These technologies could perform cognitive tasks as well as humans or even better.


This might sound like a scary trend for content marketers since Artificial Intelligence could end up taking human jobs and substitute human workers. But one thing is for certain, the material that will be AI-powered created will need more content editing than the standard blog posts. The types of tasks that can be executed by AI include tasks that:


need a set of repeatable steps which are prone to automation

require data to produce outputs

rely on predictions for outcomes

As AI becomes an important part of content strategies, there are certain skills that content marketers must equip themselves with, such as AI knowledge and understanding of data literacy. AI is already being used in content marketing to carry out tasks such as content analysis, optimization, and A/B testing. For instance, this includes MarketMuse which helps in building content strategies, or Cobomba, an AI-powered platform that measures your content metrics and keeps track of your performance over time.


How much will the AI presence impact the world of content marketing is difficult to point out. However, it is undeniable that the automatic performance of AI that utilizes algorithms will help content marketers create.

Building Content Communities Is The Newest Form Of Interaction

brand-new trend of 2023 is the popularity of content communities on different platforms. For people to feel connected, they need to interact as much as possible. The same goes for your content marketing methods. You should consider incorporating private, content-driven communities for your customers. Facebook Groups or similar platforms are a good start for using communities online.



The advantage of this trend is especially the chance to share specific content with your targeted audience. Additionally, related content communities will engage and reach wider audiences from different platforms and create brand awareness more efficiently. Marketing has always been about building trust and loyalty and that’s best achieved by developing a community. It is one of the most effective ways of getting noticed in our highly digital world.

User-Generated Content Remains Relevant

Prioritizing your audience and their demands is an existing trend that continues to evolve and be applicable. The simple reason why it continues to be a trend is because it works. To find the right content that your specific audience needs, you have to do the right research as well. Some of the most important steps include asking questions, defining your community, and engaging with them. To create ultra-targeted content, you should know your audience on a deeper level and form a meaningful relationship.

Content that puts the audience first serves to fulfill the lack of information that your customers need. This kind of content is being prioritized by Google and that’s where our focus should be as well. Briefly put, valuable content is that which not only shows your services but also provides the customers with the solution.

Repurposing Your Content Is A Lifesaver

One of the keys to successful marketing is making use of fewer resources by spreading out your content to a larger number of people. That’s when repurposing comes in place. Repurposing the content means taking the material and reusing it somewhere else. Repurposing your content comes in handy to your SEO in several ways, firstly you are investing in your resources cleverly and reaching a wider audience. And secondly, your content will continuously be updated based on the current marketing trends. Repurposing is a timesaver, especially if you are spending a lot of time creating quality content and you want a new audience to reach your work.


Some of the main benefits of repurposing are reaching a new audience, making use of your old content, and more chances to promote your content.

Repurposing means taking your webinars and transforming them into video tutorials, your internal data into case studies, or your slideshows into infographics. This simple method of refreshing your content in different formats is a great way to get more results with less effort.

Think More About How You Strategize, Research, And Write

To reach their audience, content marketers make use of trends that are evolved versions of already existing ones and others that are considered new. Being in touch with the important trends means connecting with your audience better. For the content to get better, we have to think more about how we strategize, research and write. We also have to think about how we update our content with the new requirements in the market. That is one of the reasons why getting informed about the trends set in 2023 is crucial and helpful.

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