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Struktura Real Estate: Boosting Client Acquisition with Social Media Success

Struktura Real Estate’s successful collaboration with Tactica has significantly enhanced their online presence and property sales. Focused on reaching affluent audiences, our targeted social media strategy, captivating content, and engaging activities resulted in increased inquiries and successful online property transactions over the past year. With growing followers and higher engagement, Struktura continues to thrive in the luxury real estate market.




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Struktura is a premium real estate agency that focuses on high value properties in Croatia, Greece, Albania, Kosovo, and other parts of Europe. They reached out to us because they needed help in marketing their properties to ultra-high net worth individuals who could afford them.

The main goal of the project was to increase engagement on social media so that more people would learn about Struktura and the luxurious properties they offer. The ultimate goal was to find ways to generate interested prospects who would consider buying Struktura properties.

Before joining forces with Tactica, Struktura’s biggest challenge with social media management was reaching their target audience effectively and at a low cost. They also struggled with creating content that would appeal to ultra-high net-worth individuals.

Our strategy was to develop highly targeted campaigns that would reach European millionaires who showed a clear interest in buying luxurious properties currently or in the past.


We also created high-quality content that showcased the beauty and elegance of the properties, the investment appeal, and the fantastic overall experience working with Struktura.


Lastly, we found effective ways to engage with potential customers on social media to generate interest and awareness about Struktura Real Estate.

• Social media strategy development
• Content development for social media
• Design and video animation
• Social media advertising

Over the last 12 months, Struktura has seen a surge in inquiries for its properties, and was able to sell most of its properties to leads generated online (instead of utilizing their network).

The social media channels are constantly gaining more followers and engagement.