How Tactica built - the most frequented online health platform in Kosovo and Albania

How Tactica built - the most frequented online health platform in Kosovo and Albania

Summary is an online health portal that provides information on a variety of health topics. It is the most frequented online health platform in Kosovo and Albania. The site reached out to Tactica for help  with branding, website and content development, increasing its traffic and improving its social media presence.


Our goal was to build a brand that would be known as the WEB MD of the two Albanian speaking countries, with its content rankings first for all types of health searches, and its social media accounts becoming some of the most popular ones in this sector.


When the team reached out to us, they had only a basic idea of what they wanted to achieve. They knew that a website like WebMD/Healthline was necessary in this market, and that there were many ways they could capitalize from such a business. 

Other than that, the Tactica team was challenged to define everything, from the brand name, website, content, and go-to-market strategy. This remains one of the most challenging projects that Tactica has ever managed, as the goals of the client were very ambitions, while 100% of the execution responsibility remained with Tactica.


We decided that setting the website up properly for attracting organic traffic was the first step of the project. We came up with the name (which translates to “problems with ____” - a highly searched phrase in Albanian), built a brand around it, and designed the website infrastructure in the same style.

Then, we knew we had to build in-house capabilities to build over 500+ informational pieces, with lengths over 1,000 words per article - and this in a very short period of 2 months. We hired a large team of recent graduates of various medical disciplines with great copywriting skills, and trained them how to write scientifically backed copy that was also optimized. We relied only on the best available resources online.

Once we wrote and optimized a large portion of the content and website, we shifted our focus into building a strong digital presence, primarily on Facebook and Instagram.

List of Activities

- Naming and Branding

- Website design and development

- Content planning and writing

- Search engine optimization

- Social media strategy development

- Content development for social media

- Design and video animation

Results has continued to create more and more informational content on its website and social media. It is now ranked #1 for most health search terms on Google and Bing, and generates over 100,000 unique visits per month. 






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