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Managing Auburn University's Socials

Discover Auburn University’s dynamic social media partnership with Tactica in the Education sector! Focused on promoting technical courses and certifications through strategic social media campaigns, we targeted students and key military programs like MyCAA and CA. With sales-oriented KPIs, our tailored ad strategy swiftly achieved AU’s objectives, maximizing course sign-ups and maintaining an impressive ROAS of at least 10x in just a few weeks.


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Auburn University is one of Tactica’s many partners in the Education niche. They needed support in promoting their technical courses and certifications through social media channels, targeting primarily students and specific military programs such as MyCAA and CA.


AU’s main KPIs were sales oriented. They were focused in maximizing sign-ups to those courses and maintain ROAS of at least 10x. In only a few weeks, we were able to successfully build an ad strategy that met these goals.

Our collaboration with Auburn University focused on boosting sign-ups for technical courses and certifications. Simultaneously, we aimed to prove that social media can consistently attract potential students and engage specific military programs like MyCAA and CA.

We adopted a precise approach, testing different ad variations and creating diverse content formats. This strategy aimed to connect effectively with our target audience on social media platforms.

Our efforts led to significant outcomes. Auburn University achieved a strong Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 10x, witnessed a 50-fold increase in reach compared to previous campaigns, and experienced a notable 2x improvement in conversion rates. This comprehensive strategy not only met but exceeded set goals, showcasing social media’s effectiveness as a reliable lead generation tool.
Auburn University