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DevStride: Revolutionizing Agile Management with Digital Presence

DevStride, a groundbreaking SaaS-based project and portfolio management solution, partnered with us to establish a robust online presence. Our tailored social media strategy, content creation, and targeted campaigns resulted in a 25% increase in engagement and a substantial rise in follower count.






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DevStride is a revolutionary strategic project and portfolio management solution that maps work to value streams, providing organizations with reliable value-based analytics. When they reached out to us for help, their challenge was to connect with potential clients by building a social media presence, and cold outreach that communicates their role in the agile management system and the positive impact it has in the communities it serves, as a revolutionary SaaS-based strategic project and portfolio management solution provider.

To overhaul DevStride social media channels, finding and implementing a strategy that aimed to boost engagement and foster long-term connections with their targeted audiences.

• As a startup company, they were in the process of determining the most effective approach to promoting their product.

• There are constraints in terms of resources and time available for managing an online presence.
• The brand identity was not consistent across various channels.
• There is a deficiency in having a well-executed strategy for generating captivating content.

Our team has developed strategies to create compelling content that appeals to DevStride’s audience across various social media platforms. A comprehensive editorial calendar was created, encompassing various topics such as highlighting upcoming features, sharing company updates, showcasing customer and employee stories, promoting events like webinars and trips, soliciting audience opinions on landing pages to involve them in the final product, and publishing articles that align with the company goals. Additionally, we have crafted campaigns aimed at enhancing online visibility, boosting engagement, and increasing follower count across all social media accounts.

To effectively execute our social media management strategies for DevStride, we undertook several actions, which involved:


• Conducting in-depth research on industry trends.

• Creating an editorial calendar for the social media channels, featuring posts that revolve around pertinent topics.

• Optimizing the timing of posts based on analytics data gathered from previous engagements.

• Incorporating diverse content formats, such as images, infographics, videos, and blogs, to enhance audience engagement.

• Launching targeted campaigns designed to expand the reach and drive engagement, informed by insights derived from analytics data.

• Performing comprehensive post-campaign analysis to measure the effectiveness of our efforts and identify areas for improvement.

2022 was the strongest digital presence year for DevStride



  • One-third of our total LinkedIn followers came this year
  • Over 6x more page views on our LinkedIn Page
  • Over 7x more unique visitors on our LinkedIn Page
  • Over 5x more LinkedIn users visited our website



  • Our reach on Facebook is 88,871 pages with an increase of 774%
  • Reactions 1832, Linked 1674, shares 52
  • The new followers received in 2022 account for 43% of total Facebook followers



  • 41.3 Impressions over the period August 12- November 4
  • 3 monthly graphs analysis shows 122.8k impressions from the Twitter campaign in the period 31 August – November 29, a significant increase over a short amount of days
  • 87% of our total followers on Twitter have come from the 2022 campaign.


DevStride has outperformed all major competitors in social media by a landslide.

DevStride - Case Study
Case study - DevStride
DevStride, Case Study
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