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Tactica's Work with International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M)

Tactica partnered with International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M) to transform their traditional marketing to a dynamic social media strategy. Our comprehensive approach, focusing on Kosovo and Serbia, led to a doubled Facebook and Instagram following in just five months. Surpassing the initial target, the campaign enrolled over 170 students, marking IBC-M’s most successful recruitment year. Tactica’s strategic efforts not only elevated brand visibility and engagement but also positioned IBC-M as a top choice, driving a significant surge in enrollments.


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Over 170 Enrollments:
Exceeding the Initial Target
100% Increase:
Facebook and Instagram Followership

Tactica partnered with International Business College Mitrovica (IBC-M), one of the best universities in South-East Europe, to help them overcome their challenges in shifting from traditional marketing eforts to a successful social media strategy. IBC-M had always relied on physical events and direct outreach to attract students, but they needed to adapt to the digital landscape and increase their brand exposure through social media. Tactica’s primary goal was to attract 150 new, signed-up students before the start of the new academic year.

Before collaborating with Tactica, IBC-M faced several challenges in their marketing efforts. They lacked a clear social media strategy and were unsure about how to achieve proper exposure via digital channels. Additionally, the university’s team lacked the experience and expertise needed to develop an effective social media strategy. Furthermore, IBC-M’s brand was not well-known among high school students outside the Mitrovica region, and they struggled to compete with other universities that heavily promoted themselves despite offering fewer benefts.
Tactica developed a comprehensive social media strategy that aimed to compensate for IBC-M’s traditional marketing efforts, focusing primarily on the Kosovo and Serbia regions. The strategy aimed to raise awareness about IBC-M by highlighting its exceptional campuses in Mitrovica, the internationally accredited programs it offered, the diverse international faculty, the study/work abroad opportunities, and the significantly lower tuition rates compared to other universities.
  • Refreshed Social Media Presence: Tactica revamped IBC-M’s Facebook and Instagram profiles, which were the most popular social media platforms among high school students.


  • Brand Recognition Posts: We created posts that highlighted IBC-M’s unique strengths, answering the question “why IBC-M?” These posts showcased the university’s distinguishing factors and advantages over other institutions.


  • Student Stories: To showcase the diverse student community at IBC-M, we featured posts about new, high-profile students from Kosovo and Serbia, current IBC-M students, and successful alumni. Their experiences with IBC-M and the various international opportunities they had access to were emphasized to answer the question “who studies at IBC-M?”


  • Events and Activities: We shared posts about the various events, conferences, and international site visits organized by IBC-M,which set the university apart from others. These activities demonstrated the unique opportunities available to students at IBC-M.


  • Online Events: To engage prospective students, Tactica executed a series of online events, including: – Online Trainings for students preparing for the Matura exam – Facebook live info days, career orientation days, and subject-specific presentations and talks – Virtual tours of the school – Free English courses.

Tactica’s efforts yielded exceptional results for IBC-M. The university’s recruitment campaign in 2020 became the most successful in its history. Within just five months, both the Facebook and Instagram followership of IBC-M doubled, significantly increasing the university’s brand visibility and engagement. The campaign surpassed the initial target of 150 signed-up students, with over 170 students enrolling in IBC-M for the fall semester. Moreover, the campaign generated interest from many potential future graduates, further enhancing IBC-M’s admissions efforts for the years to come.

By leveraging a comprehensive social media strategy and executing engaging online events, Tactica successfully positioned IBC-M as an attractive and compelling choice for high school students, ultimately driving a surge in enrollments and reinforcing the university’s reputation as a leading educational institution in the region.