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Cuban Doctors Human Rights: A Digital Advocacy Triumph

Cuban Doctors Human Rights, a movement highlighting injustices faced by doctors, partnered with us to amplify their message globally. Our comprehensive digital strategy, including a website, custom content, and outreach, led to millions engaging with the campaign. The impactful initiative played a role in reshaping the conversation and contributed to Cuba not being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


Cuban Doctors Human Rights




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Nobel Peace Prize Decision

Cuban Doctors Human Rights is a movement organized by brave individuals who were forced out of Cuba due to inhumane working conditions. The organization seeks to shed light on the injustices faced by Cuban doctors in the Henry Reeve Brigade (Medical Missions) and advocate for their human rights.

The main goal of the project was to use social media and content management to amplify their message, gain international visibility, and garner support from influential people and organizations.

The client’s challenge involved lack of a dedicated social media team, inconsistent messaging, low engagement rates and limited reach across channels.

In addition, there was a bigger issue at stake for CDHR. In 2021, Cuba was nominated as one of the top candidates for being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the “Henry Reeve Brigade” mission.

We also needed to find ways to raise awareness among the international community, primarily the stakeholders influencing the vote of the Nobel Peace Prize Committee, about the human rights violations of the Cuban government through these medical missions. Ultimately, our campaign was able to influence the conversation. Cuba was not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

For this issue to take off, we knew we had to use all instruments within our digital marketing toolbox for this topic to take off. And it did. First, we built a website that fully summarized the commercial and oppressing nature of these medical missions and the human rights violations that thousands of Cuban doctors had to suffer.

We then used a multi-faceted approach that included creating custom content with visuals, sourcing influencers, engaging with supporters online, optimizing SEO terms, creating videos and email newsletters with stories from Cuban doctors around the world, developing automated messages, and setting up campaigns on Twitter and Facebook.

We worked with tens of news websites and human rights organizations to share content on this topic and built awareness through videos of supporters and doctors that were spread throughout the web.

• Content marketing

• Website development
• Social media content development
• Video production
• Digital ads (social media, google, web, geotargetting)
• Email outreach

Millions of people interacted with our digital awareness campaign directly and indirectly. We made sure that anyone in the human rights community (especially organizations and stakeholders in the U.S. and Europe) heard about the Cuban Doctors Human Rights campaign.


Ultimately, our campaign was able to influence the conversation in more ways than expected.


As a result, Cuba was not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Cuban Doctors Human Rights
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