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Transforming Digital Footprint: Tactica's Journey with Dakine Services

Within a span of six months, Tactica collaborated with Dakine Services, an Austin-based whole-home renovation company, to revolutionize its online presence. Through a comprehensive website redesign and strategic SEO efforts, Dakine Services witnessed early signs of success, including improved keyword rankings and increased lead generation.


Dakine Services


Whole-home renovation





Dakine Services, a prominent player in the whole-home renovation industry in Austin, Texas, faced the challenge of establishing a robust online presence to attract and engage potential customers. Recognizing the critical role of digital marketing in driving business growth, Dakine Services sought Tactica’s expertise to elevate its online visibility and lead generation capabilities.

Before partnering with Tactica, Dakine Services grappled with limited online visibility and insufficient lead generation through its website. Despite offering high-quality renovation services, Dakine Services struggled to reach its target audience effectively and convert website visitors into qualified leads.

Tactica devised a comprehensive strategy tailored to Dakine Services’ specific needs and objectives, focusing on enhancing its digital footprint and maximizing lead generation opportunities. The strategy included a website redesign aimed at improving user experience, optimizing for search engines, and developing a content strategy to resonate with the target audience.


Activities (we did for the client):


  • Website Redesign: Tactica overhauled Dakine Services’ website, emphasizing modern design elements, intuitive navigation, and mobile responsiveness to enhance user engagement and conversion rates.

  • SEO Optimization: Extensive keyword research and on-page optimization were conducted to improve Dakine Services’ search engine ranking and visibility, ensuring better discoverability by potential customers.

  • Content Enhancement: Tactica developed and optimized high-quality, informative content tailored to Dakine Services’ target audience, establishing authority and credibility within the renovation industry.

  • Local SEO: Efforts were made to enhance Dakine Services’ presence in local search results, including optimizing Google My Business (GMB) listing, local citations, and geo-targeted content.

  • Performance Monitoring: Tactica continuously monitored website performance, keyword rankings, and lead generation metrics to identify opportunities for optimization and improvement.

Despite the relatively short time frame, Tactica’s partnership with Dakine Services yielded promising results:


  • Dakine Services achieved improved keyword rankings across relevant search queries, signaling enhanced online visibility and brand awareness.

  • The redesigned website garnered positive feedback from users for its enhanced functionality, aesthetics, and informative content, contributing to increased engagement and lead generation.

  • Dakine Services experienced a notable uptick in qualified leads generated through its website, indicating the effectiveness of Tactica’s SEO and content strategies in driving customer acquisition.

  • Early indicators suggest that Dakine Services is on track to establish a strong digital presence and achieve sustained growth in the competitive renovation market in Austin.

The collaboration between Tactica and Dakine Services underscores the transformative power of strategic digital marketing initiatives in driving business growth and success. Through a combination of website redesign, SEO optimization, and content enhancement, Dakine Services witnessed significant improvements in online visibility, lead generation, and brand perception within a relatively short time frame. This case study highlights the potential for continued success and expansion as Dakine Services continues to leverage Tactica’s expertise to strengthen its position in the dynamic renovation industry landscape.