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How We Helped a Translation Company Rank For 100+ Keywords Within Months

This strategy incorporates relevant on-page factors such as keywords, meta description, title tags, and inbound and outbound links, to name a few. All these aspects help guide search engines to better discover your content. In turn, the search engines push it to the relevant audiences, as it ranks higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).








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Our Client, a major online translation service provider in the U.S., catering to a variety of markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, had a tough challenge for us: To beat Google in its own game. We were asked to make the client rank on top of extremely competitive keywords in the digital translation industry, keywords so popular and converting that even Google was ranking for them with its translation tools. In only 10 months, we were able to rank the client successfully at the #1, #2, and #3 positions for a wide number of keywords for which they never believed that they could rank.

The client just returned from a Google penalisation and wanted to rank better for most of its keywords. The on-page SEO was not set up properly for most of the pages but the website was lacking in high-quality links. The main goal of the campaign was to rank first for more than 100 short-tail and long-tail keywords related to translation.

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Unlocking the Potential

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We analyzed hundreds of potential keywords and opportunities, to make sure that the client would grab both “low-hanging” keywords that most competitors didn’t notice, but also those for which competitors were working for years. The keyword strategy then was fully implemented on-page, where most pages needed content revision and structural changes. We invested a lot of our time in improving the quality of the information provided on each page as well as preparing clear calls to action that maximize conversions from organic traffic.

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