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Revitalizing Online Presence: Tactica's Transformation of Cabinet IQ's Website

Over the course of four years, Tactica partnered with CabinetIQ, a prominent kitchen cabinet producer and franchisor based in Texas, to overhaul its online presence. Through website redesign, SEO optimization, and content enhancement, CabinetIQ’s website evolved into a robust lead-generation platform, yielding substantial monthly leads.


Cabinet IQ


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CabinetIQ, a leading kitchen cabinet manufacturer and franchisor, faced significant challenges in maximizing its online visibility and lead generation potential before engaging Tactica’s services. Recognizing the importance of a strong digital presence, CabinetIQ sought a comprehensive strategy to revamp its website and enhance its SEO performance.

Prior to partnering with Tactica, CabinetIQ struggled to generate substantial leads through its online channels. Their website lacked optimization for search engines, resulting in poor visibility and limited organic traffic. Additionally, the website’s design and content failed to engage potential customers effectively, hindering lead conversion efforts.

Tactica devised a multifaceted approach to address CabinetIQ’s challenges comprehensively. The strategy encompassed redesigning and rewriting the entire website to enhance user experience and align with SEO best practices. Furthermore, Tactica implemented a targeted content strategy, including regular updates and expansion of relevant industry content. Additionally, efforts were made to build high-quality backlinks and optimize CabinetIQ’s Google My Business (GMB) listing for improved local search visibility.


Activities (we did for the client):


  • Website Redesign: Tactica revamped CabinetIQ’s website, focusing on intuitive navigation, mobile responsiveness, and visually appealing design elements.

  • SEO Optimization: Extensive keyword research and on-page optimization were conducted to improve the website’s search engine ranking and visibility.

  • Content Development: Tactica produced high-quality, informative content tailored to CabinetIQ’s target audience, enhancing engagement and authority within the industry.

  • Link Building: Strategic outreach efforts were undertaken to secure valuable backlinks from reputable websites, boosting CabinetIQ’s domain authority and search engine rankings.

  • GMB Optimization: CabinetIQ’s Google My Business profile was optimized with accurate business information, compelling visuals, and positive customer reviews to enhance local search visibility.

Following the implementation of Tactica’s strategy, CabinetIQ experienced a remarkable transformation in its online performance:


  • The website became a potent lead generation tool, yielding 50 to 100 leads per month, a significant increase from previous levels.

  • Organic search traffic surged as a result of improved SEO optimization, leading to enhanced visibility and brand awareness.

  • CabinetIQ’s GMB listing saw a notable uptick in impressions and clicks, facilitating increased engagement and inquiries from local customers.

  • The revamped website garnered praise from users for its improved functionality, design, and informative content, fostering greater trust and credibility among potential customers.

Through strategic collaboration with Tactica, CabinetIQ successfully revitalized its online presence, positioning itself as a dominant force in the kitchen cabinet industry. By leveraging effective website redesign, SEO optimization, and content enhancement strategies, CabinetIQ achieved substantial improvements in lead generation, organic traffic, and local search visibility. This case study underscores the transformative impact of Tactica’s tailored approach in driving tangible results for its clients in the digital realm.