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Boosting Organic Traffic for MASV (masv.io) by 10x

MASV.io, a leading file transfer technology company, faced challenges in organic traffic growth despite an impressive track record. Seeking Tactica’s assistance, the primary objective was to increase organic traffic by 10 times within a specified time frame in a competitive industry dominated by established players. Tactica implemented a comprehensive SEO strategy, focusing on enhanced online visibility, revenue growth, improved customer retention, enhanced customer experience, and expanded market reach through targeted PPC and social media campaigns.




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In the vast and ever-evolving digital landscape, businesses that thrive are those that possess the ability to adapt to change and innovate. Amongst these innovative trailblazers, one company has emerged to push the boundaries of file transfer technology, and that company is none other than MASV.io.


Founded by a group of seasoned industry experts, MASV.io has positioned itself as a formidable player in the file transfer arena. With a steadfast commitment to providing lightning-fast, reliable, and secure file transfer solutions, the company has carved out a niche for itself in the market, catering to the needs of creatives, production companies, and media professionals worldwide.


However, despite the company’s impressive track record, MASV.io faced a formidable challenge in the form of organic traffic growth. As the competition in the industry intensified, the company recognized the need to leverage the expertise of experienced professionals to remain competitive and grow its customer base.


MASV.io reached out to us to find a trusted partner to provide them with the necessary support to navigate the competitive terrain of SEO. Eager to surge ahead in the Organic Traffic race MASV requested the assistance of Tactica to ideate and implement a holistic SEO strategy, designed to help them succeed in their competitive SEO area.

The primary objective of this project was to increase MASV’s organic traffic by 10 times within a specified time frame. This objective was even more challenging due to the intense competition in the large file transfer industry. The market was dominated by well-established players which made it difficult for MASV to gain a significant share of the market before working with Tactica.

To achieve the objective, we implemented a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that involved the following steps:


  • Enhanced Online Visibility: Bikeberry’s organic search rankings significantly improved, with a 900% increase in website traffic from search engines.


  • Revenue Growth: Within the first six months of our partnership,Bikeberry experienced a 35% increase in revenue compared to the same period the previous year.


  • Improved Customer Retention: Customer retention rates rose by 20%,as the personalized email marketing campaigns and improved website experience fostered stronger connections with existing customers.


  • Enhanced Customer Experience: The integration of a chatbot and website improvements led to a 25% reduction in response times to customer inquiries, resulting in higher satisfaction levels.


  • Expanded Market Reach: Through targeted PPC and social media campaigns, Bikeberry gained access to new market segments, expanding its customer base.
The implementation of the SEO strategy led to significant improvements in MASV’s organic traffic. Within the specified time frame, the website’s organic traffic increased by 10 times, surpassing the objective set for the project. Additionally, the website’s visibility and ranking improved, and it was now appearing on the first page of search engine results for several keywords.
The results of this project demonstrate the effectiveness of a comprehensive SEO strategy in boosting organic traffic and improving a website’s visibility and ranking. By conducting keyword research, optimizing the website, and implementing content marketing and link building strategies, we were able to achieve substantial results for MASV.