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NATIVE INSTRUMENTS: Boosting Unbranded Trac with SEO

Berlin-based audio company Native Instruments, a global player in the music industry, sought assistance from the digital marketing agency Tactica to optimize its online presence. Despite being a popular brand, Native Instruments faced a challenge of low unbranded traffic on its website. Tactica devised a customized SEO strategy focusing on promotional and informational keywords, addressing both product descriptions and audience needs. The agency conducted onsite optimization, backlinking, and page indexing to boost search engine visibility. Within five months, Tactica achieved top 3 positions for keywords with significant search volumes, leading to a substantial increase in organic traffic. The success of the project underscores the effectiveness of a well-executed SEO strategy in enhancing online visibility and achieving business goals.


Native Instruments







Ranked in top 3
For most important keywords within a short period of time
Significantly increased
The website traffic

An audio company from Berlin, Native Instruments is a global star in the music industry. Their products are used onstage and at home by musicians of all levels across many different genres. They’re so committed to their vision that they’ve been innovating for over 20 years through musical inspiration on every level – whether you play an instrument or just listen!


The company has created groundbreaking platforms that have helped to create thriving creative communities. These products and services are pushing the boundaries of technology, opening up new horizons for professionals and amateurs alike.


Native Instruments has been strengthening its presence in the retail market, making up 50% of its revenues and the other half from traditional e-commerce channels. Seeing an opportunity to tap into digital marketing campaigns to further enhance their market presence with SEO or other valuable methods Native Instruments got in touch with Tactica for help strategizing how they could optimize their online footprint as a whole.

Native Instruments approached us with a challenge of low unbranded traffic despite being a popular brand. Their website was receiving very few unbranded visitors, and they were unable to generate leads and sales from this traffic. They recognized the importance of SEO and wanted to boost their online visibility to attract more unbranded visitors to their website.

After analyzing the client’s website, we created a customized SEO strategy that focused on both promotional and informational keywords. We identified a set of high-intent keywords that described their products, which the client was not ranking for. We also created a content strategy that addressed the informational needs of their target audience. We optimized their existing pages and created new ones to support our SEO efforts. We also created a Data Studio report for the client to track the performance of our SEO efforts.

We carefully planned and executed a tailored SEO marketing campaign for the company that focused on Native Instruments’ brand reputation in the market. Armed with our expertise, we devised an ambitious strategy to boost search engine visibility through SEO by implementing various strategies including onsite optimization, offsite optimization, backlinking and page indexing–just to name a few of them!


Native Instruments was pleasantly surprised with the direction that Tactica provided and gave us their complete confidence to implement our SEO strategies.


Tactica looked at their website and saw that it was not performing as well on search engines. We audited the site for technical SEO issues, centralized their keyword research and started tracking with our reporting tools.


One big issue Native Instruments was facing, was their dependency on the branded search traffic. While doing keyword research, we identified a huge pool of unbranded keywords for the company to rank for

Our SEO eorts produced signicant results for Native Instruments.




Our focus was to rank their keyword that were positioned from 3 to 10, to get them to the top 1 position. This resulted in a significant impact on their organic traffic.


We were able to identify multiple clusters for Native Instruments. We tested several landing pages, most of them with a lot of success. One keyword with multiple variations totaling up to a sum of 50,000+ searches per months, was one of the most interesting landing pages we created. In only 5 months, we were able to get top.

In only 5 months, we were able to get top

3 positions for keywords that have a difficulty of 45-80

Native Instrument

Through our strategic approach to SEO, we were able to help Native Instruments reach new heights in their online unbranded organic presence.


Our efforts to improve their keyword rankings and create eective landing pages led to a significant increase in their organic traffic.


By identifying key clusters and leveraging informational keywords, we were able to provide value to their customers while also improving their search engine visibility.


The success of this project is a testament to the power of a well-executed SEO strategy, and we are proud to have played a part in helping Native Instruments achieve their goals

Native Instrument Case Study