Rethinking Social Media for Energy Companies: AG&P’s Successful Social Media Campaign with Tactica

Rethinking Social Media for Energy Companies: AG&P’s Successful Social Media Campaign with Tactica

AG&P is a large global LNG ecosystem energy company, providing engineering, procurement, construction and global project financing services for Liquified Natural Gas projects throughout Asia, Africa and the Americas. When they reached out to us for help, their challenge was to build a social media presence that communicates their role in the global energy system and the positive environmental and economic impact it has in the communities it serves.

Main Goal of the Project:

To overhaul AG&P’s social media channels, increase engagement and build a lasting relationship with their audiences through comprehensive content strategy.

Challenges Before Joining us:

• Limited resources and time to manage online presence;

• Lack of unified brand identity across channels;

• Poorly developed strategy for creating engaging content.

Our Strategy

We identified strategies to create engaging content tailored to AG&P’s global audiences across their various social media channels. We developed an editorial calendar outlining topics such as industry news, company updates, customer stories and thought leadership articles that aligned with the company’s brand identity and objectives. We also designed campaigns designed to increase online visibility, engagement and page followership across each account.

Activities We Did For The Client: 

In order to implement our strategies for successful social media management for AG&P, we took a number of steps, including:

• researching industry trends,

• developing an editorial calendar for each channel containing posts about relevant topics,

• optimizing post timing according to analytics data collected from previous posts,

• utilizing different content formats such as images/infographics/videos/blogs/etc.,

• running campaigns aimed at increasing reach & engagement based on insights gathered from analytics data and

• conducting detailed post-campaign analysis to measure success & identify areas of improvement.


• 2022 was the strongest digital presence year for AG&P


One third of our total LinkedIn followers came from this year

Over 6x more page views in our LinkedIn Page

Over 7x more unique visitors on our LinkedIn Page

Over 5x more LinkedIn users visited to our website


Our reach on Facebook increased by 47 times compared to 2021

We received double the amount of new followers vs 2021

The new followers received in 2022 account for 43% of total Facebook followers


87% of our total followers on Twitter have come from 2022 campaign

üWithout any ad exposure, we have been able to generate 12,753 profile visits

• AG&P has outperformed all major competitors in social media by a landslide

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