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Form Meets Function: Transforming Cabinet IQ's Online Presence"

In our design journey for Cabinet IQ’s, we’ve embraced simplicity, user-friendliness, and visual coherence. Anchored by a color palette dominated by blue and confident grey, and complemented by the sleek Montserrat typeface family, our objective was to cultivate a minimalist yet refined aesthetic website. Every facet of our design, from layout to interaction patterns, is meticulously honed to prioritize usability and elevate the overall user experience. The outcome is an authentication solution that exudes professionalism, instills trust, and seamlessly integrates into users’ digital interactions. Our approach to UI/UX design for Proximia is driven by a deep understanding of user needs and behaviors. Through extensive research and analysis, we identify pain points and opportunities to streamline the authentication process, ensuring a frictionless user journey.


Cabinet IQ