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Radix: Transforming Digital Presence for Real Estate Tech Startup

Radix, a cloud-based multifamily market research platform, sought Tactica’s expertise to revamp their outdated digital assets. Our goal was to provide them with a modern visual identity, a revamped website, and enhanced SEO to elevate their brand and user engagement. The outcome has been overwhelmingly positive, with significant growth in online sales and walk-ins, showcasing Radix’s strengthened brand reputation and expanded Instagram following from 6.5k to over 20k.






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Increase in Organic Traffic
Online Growth:
Positive 2020 and Strong 2021-2022 in Sales
Radix is a cloud-based multifamily market research and analytics platform that helps users analyze data in order to make more informed decisions. When they came to us, their website and other digital assets were outdated and filled with errors. They asked us for help in rebranding their identity, building their website, SEO and other digital assets

The main goal of the project was to give the client an updated visual identity that would reflect their modern brand while also boosting search engine visibility and user engagement on their website.

Before joining Tactica, Radix’s challenges included:

• Lack of consistency across social media channels
• No clear objectives or measurable goals set for any campaigns
• Inability to track ROI on social media investment

Our strategy focused on creating a brand standard (and book) that ensured a cohesive look across all channels while developing campaigns with definable objectives that could be measured against business goals. We also established a comprehensive reporting system so that the client could track ROI from their digital marketing initiatives.
To achieve these results, we provided the following services: brand standardization, website development, content creation; content curation; copywriting; campaign planning & execution; audience segmentation; reporting & analytics; A/B testing & optimization; landing page design/development.

Radix received strong positive feedback from investors, clients, and general audience, on the new look and feel of the site.


All of their digital assets, including brochures, videos, and even instructional documents, had the same design and copy language.


Their traffic increased significantly (4-6x) over the 1-year period in which we worked together.