Using Social Media to boost fashion sales during Covid-19


Terranova hired Tactica to rebrand its social media exposure during Covid-19 and the post-Covid period, a time when walk-ins in their store throughout Kosovo dropped, as with any other Fashion retailer. The company was looking for a fresher look on both Facebook and Instagram, and an advertising strategy that ensures that Annual KPIs were met regardless the situation.

Our main focus was Instagram, as the main channel of communication with younger adults, who are the main targeted demographic of Terranova.

This fantastic relationship resulted in a very positive 2020 and a so-far very strong 2021 in terms of both online sales and walk-ins. The famous retail store grew its brand reputation significantly during the last 12 months, growing from a 6.5k followers Instagram page to over 16k. This, with a very conservative ad-budget and a strategy primarily focusing on sales rather than engagement numbers.

What we did

We redefined what the target market of Terranova is – who are we creating content for and what type of content and messaging would speak best to each group

We designed themes, products and elements that targeted each group and seasonal trends in a specific way, both in the images, gifs and videos we produced, but also in the copy and advertising. We communicated regularly with the brand managers to understand what are the products aren’t getting enough traction, what discount initiatives should be pushed stronger, and how to develop a content plan that includes a healthy balance between brand-focused content and product-focused content.

After years of no proper advertising, we immediately started looking at ways how to engage better with the target demographics. After analyzing data and information provided by the Terranova team, we identified three specific personas that buy regularly at the store or online, and developed targeted campaigns to each of those, for specific products and discounts that were tailored to them


Monthly Impressions: 2,106,808

Avg. Reaches:  32,163