Job Training Courses

Social Media setup and execution


Job Training Courses is a joint project of Education Consulting Associates (ECA) and Condensed Curriculum International (CCI).

Tactica helped ECA and CCI build a new brand for their mid-prized career oriented certificate courses. This required building a simple-to-understand brand, a responsive and informational website, and a social media presence that made Job Training Courses a recognized brand among career training providers.

In a matter of months, we were able to create a brand with strong social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram – and with an ad strategy that guaranteed sales on the get-go.

The project has seen positive returns on month 1, and is now focusing on building its organic presence through SEO and content marketing.

What we did

After a thorough analysis of the niche, Tactica realized that established competitors of JTC haven’t really utilized digital marketing in their sales process. They were relying heavily on creating relationships with school and career centers – the middlemen – and not so much with the end-user.

There were many advantages to JTC that these established providers couldn’t promote, and we made sure that our posts, ads and content highlighted them consistently.

Our strategy was three fold:

  1. Building website content and use social media to promote it – useful information about our certificate programs, career prospects, current market needs, salary ranges, etc., and promoted portions of each landing page on our social media campaign
  2. Building social media content that highlighted the benefits of our courses – sending more people to the website (or messenger) to read more.
  3. Advertising and retargeting based on engagement and social media traffic to website

This social media campaign was part of a bigger play – we used SEO, PPC, and content marketing in order to generate more traffic to the website. We used the information to then further advertise to the very same visitors, depending on their behavior.

The results were impressive. The client saw substantial returns from ad spend (a 1:4 ratio) right away, and together continued testing out other social media channels, including Tik Tok, Snapchat, and even Quora and Reddit, with much success.

The Tactica Impact