Auburn University

Social Media Management


Auburn University is one of Tactica’s many partners in the Education niche. They needed support in promoting their technical courses and certifications through social media channels, targeting primarily students and specific military programs such as MyCAA and CA.
AU’s main KPIs were sales oriented. They were focused in maximizing sign-ups to those courses and maintain ROAS of at least 10x. In only a few weeks, we were able to successfully build an ad strategy that met these goals.

What we did

The client’s main source of revenue from digital marketing used to be Facebook Ads, and the return was significantly low compared to the ad spend. Our first challenge was to ensure that we get more from every $ spent on Facebook ads.

In cooperation with the client, we first focused in fully understanding the certificate programs and who they’re targeting. We built at least two audiences for every program, focusing on laser-targetting rather than a more shotgun approach. Next, we tested content that we believed could improve the conversion rate, by including more imagery, better CTAs, and an overall more dynamic visual approach that included Videos and GIFs. An important part of this process was also writing enticing captions that really grabbed the audience’s attention.

Before Tactica, AU were building campaigns around the Messages objective, as they saw a better return from those than from traffic to the website or other strategies. We made sure to diversify that to more website campaigns and retargeting campaigns. These steps doubled the returns of AU for every dollar spent.

After solidifying our Facebook campaigns, we looked into other avenues. We were successful in even more effective campaigns on Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, and even Reddit!

We are really proud of the results we were able to deliver for Auburn University.

The Tactica Impact

Reduced ad spend by 30% While maintaining those results
Much more enticing content!