Using social media to build a brand from scratch. From 0 to 80K+ followers in two years

Summary, a WEB MD-like platform in Albanian, was a completely new project back in 2018. We were assigned to building all the website content (300+ informational articles on 1,000 words or longer), SEO optimization, and overall increase in brand awareness.

We noticed that while we would bring 100k+ in monthly traffic organically alone, there was still plenty of opportunity to push the brand forward through social media channels. The goal was for us to achieve at least 40% of our website traffic from Facebook and Instagram.

Two years later, not only did we exceed this goal, but also built extremely powerful Instagram and facebook pages that have over 80,000 followers, with zero ad-spend.

What we did

Popular health-related Instagram and Facebook pages are usually built by amateurs: poor graphics, short-type content, with very limited follow up information.

Having a fully loaded website in our disposal, building a content plan for social media was easy: make sure that each category of our website (20+ categories in total), are presented thoroughly within a week’s social media plan.

We built at least 5 posts and 7 stories per day for 365 days a year promoting our own content and triggering users to get more information on our website (either through or swipe-ups).

Not only that – we built partnerships with doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts, and other medical professional who created content for us – all in the name of sharing free useful information for the wider audiences.


Monthly Impressions: 9,184,871

Avg. Reaches:  122,242



Impressions:  1,108,058

Reaches:  60,500