How we created a new brand with 160k+ visits/month, 70 of which organic, in less than 12 months.

Our Client,, was looking to develop a health-information website for the Albanian Speaking markets. Inspired by WebMD and the likes, the client saw a gap in the Kosovo-Albania-Macedonian market regarding credible health information online. Top health-related keywords were up for the grabs, and they knew Tactica was best equipped to help them build the brand (starting from the name), identity, website, and social media accounts. In less than a year, the client, now called (translated Problems.with), is the top authority for anything health related online for all of the said markets.

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Brand/Identity development, Web development, Content writing, Social media management, Search engine optimization

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It is incredible how much business acumen we have found in the Tactica Team. They are not only great digital tacticians, but also amazing business-minded people. We had only a very raw idea in our mind – and they have helped us execute it in a way we didn’t believe we could. is now a nationally known brand, and it is all due to Tactica. We are speechless.

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The client came over to us with a basic idea in mind – they wanted to dominate online information in Albanian about anything health related. They were looking to build a brand that was modern, credible, and extremely user-centric. They, however, didn’t have the internal capacities to do so, and did not know for sure where to start, what was needed, or if building such an authority was even possible. They weren’t looking for a creative agency – they wanted a team of digital Entrepreneurs who could build a startup from scratch.


When investors visited us, we knew they weren’t looking for only our services, but our overall expertise in understanding the Digital Health Information market, the countries they were targeting, and what it took to become a leader. Financial resources alone didn’t cut it – this needed a lot of strategic planning to make sure that they could go-to-market fast, and effectively.

We needed to first understand what Albanians were searching for online – so we assessed over 2000 potential health related keywords and queries, and shortlisted about 500 queries that needed to be targeted content-wise. These were mostly diseases, health issues, marriage/family tips, healthy recipes, etc. In tandem, we analyzed all local competitors – websites related to health, authority in the industry, and other sources targeting those keywords.

Based on this information, we developed a detailed website structure and content plan, which would soon accommodate over 500 health-related articles developed by professional content writers.


We chose the name because a large majority of keywords involved queries related to problems with a disease. It was a crucial common denominator for most of them, and it significantly helped our rankings.


We hired the best writers there were for the topics that we targeted, and they were challenged to develop all content required for the website in less than 2 months. Millions of words, research, and analysis. And they did.


During this two month period, our technical team developed the website and optimized each individual page for search engine rankings. Our design team created the Brand, logo, website structure, and all items to-be included in the brand book. Our social media team created a detailed social media plan for the first quarter, for each post that would go out in all platforms.

The website and social media platforms launched in April 2019, only three months after project inception.


Over the last three months, the client has benefited from the following results:

Services Provided: Brand/Identity development , Web development, Content writing, Social media management, Search engine optimization

From 0 to


Monthly Page visits in 12 months

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