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Ranking for Position Zero – SEO above Ranking #1

By March 20, 2020November 25th, 2021Blog

Many top companies are doing even better than #1 ranking on Google, showing up above the first position on the search results. Called “position zero”, this is one of the most highly sought after SEO statuses today. Its advanced search benefits make it something that is highly valuable and could be really useful for, pretty much, everyone. For example, ask google what featured snippets are and this is what you will get:

This position has been developed for the purposes of the Voice Search tools such as Siri, and has moved on to become integral in SEO (search engine optimization). This because it broadens the spectrum of content to pull from and that Siri can be used to channel her responses in two different ways. If someone is searching for a website with your particular keyword or words in it, you will become a part of a single-based search response and you will rank at the top of the search engine if you optimize for position zero correctly.

When trying to figure out how you should go about optimizing position zero for your good, you should ask yourself the following questions: when the specific response is delivered to new potential users via Voice Search, how much traffic will be generated to your website? Also, you need to know if it is even worth trying to use forecasting to set up your responses if we know position zero works really well and is effective. In the following list, we have put together the easiest and most effective way to make position zero work for you and your growing business.

Step One: Gather Your Data

Since there are so many more search terms and keywords than we did several years ago, it can make it easier for people to find your particular website or business when you have certain keywords tagged to your website. To find out what words you have tagged to your website and to find new words you can use as keywords, you first need to gather all of your data from your website.

You can do this with an application called SEMrush. SEMrush offers a program where you can filter the search terms that you have set on your website through the ones that people used to actually find your website. This organic search positioner is one of the most effective programs you could use when trying to tackle position zero. Once you have this all filtered out, you can build your report and have it downloaded to your computer so you can have it at all times.

Step Two: Analyze The Data

Once you have all of your data gathered and downloaded to your computer, you need to analyze it. In your report, you should see that your top keywords are ranked in order from 1-10. These are the top ten keywords that directed people to your website.

You can also see what keywords are drawing attention to your competitors and see if you can use them to your advantage in any way. You can see how those other websites are structured, if they have images, do they use lists, etc. All of these things can make your website better, more attractive, and easier to navigate.

Step Three: Determine Your Target Keywords

Once you have your data analyzed and ready to go, you can now generate another list of top keywords you may want to use in the optimization of using position zero. To do this, you should choose words that can be used for more complex questions and terms, find out which words rank on the first page, figure out where the landing page is, and figure out which single URL has the highest rank for various search terms.

Once all of this is completed, it would be smart to group all of your keywords based on the questions they are asking, their propositions and/or any comparisons they may have. Then, you can ask yourself if your page structure needs to be changed or have images added to them, or do you need to add more pages to your website to accommodate the topics that the keywords target.

Also, check out our travel SEO guide if you need more information on how to choose the perfect keywords for the travel industry.

Step Four: Analyze Your Competitors

Nine times out of ten, your competitors are using most of the same keywords that you have come up with and are gaining more direct traffic. At this point, it is all about figuring out how you can take the attention off of your competitor’s site and have that attention come to you. To do this, you need to figure out what type of page is giving them their high ranking, is it the product page, a guide, or is it a specific category.

Then consider why it has the ranking that it does, pictures? A video? Once you have this identified, you can now figure out how to integrate these things into your own website and then you will generate more customers through Siri and other voice search integration systems.

Step Five: Overall Change

Okay, now you have all the steps you need to improve your website and gain more direct traffic. Because of this, your page can now fall into one of three categories:

  1. first page ranking with subpar content structuring;
  2. non-page one URL ranking but okay page structure optimization, it just needs tweaking to make it to page one; or lastly,
  3. there is no keyword that is tagged with the keyword so therefore, you need to design more content so you can be ranked against other competitors.

These five steps will help lead you to victory when tackling such a technological advancement and sophisticated voice search there is. Position zero is amazing and once you learn to optimize it in order to gain more exposure and direct traffic to your website. Once you have position zero and have started to gain more customers, you will become one of the top answers that will be given to those who use Voice to search for things that are related to the keywords that are associated with your business.

Hopefully, these steps helped you to become successful with optimizing and integrating position zero into your business’ website to derive more traffic from Siri and voice search users from all over the world. This exposure is essential for those who have new businesses or websites. Leave a comment and let us know if this method worked for you.

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