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Keywords in SEO – How to Use The Right One

By March 20, 2020November 26th, 2021Blog

Keywords are one of the most important components of SEO. To optimize your website in the search engines and to optimize your content to the audience, you need efficient, good keywords. Keywords in SEO will not only make your website relatable from the beginning but, they will help with marketing too. It is not smart to avoid using keywords, as it will be costly in the long run.

What are keywords?

Keywords are topics, ideas, or things that the internet users are interested to search about. All of your content is described through keywords. Ideally, these keywords are supposed to help internet users find your content but, in a competitive website environment, that is hard. This is especially true for Google users, as Google changes its algorithm constantly. If you do not keep up with the updates, it may be very difficult for your website to get higher rankings in the long run.

Why are keywords important?

Keywords in SEO are important because they determine your ranking. They are one of the most valuable and efficient digital marketing tools. The more visible and clear your website’s keywords are, the better will Google optimize your content.

With keywords that optimize your content, you will generate more traffic to your website. The best part is that these visitors are visiting your website by choice because you provide them with what they are searching for. As a result, you will create a loyal audience for your content, who will keep coming for more.

What types of keywords in SEO are there?

In order to optimize your content in the most successful manner, it is essential to know that there are more than just 1 type of keywords.

Actually, there are 3 types of keywords:

  • Generic Keywords
    Generic keywords in SEO are what the title suggests, generic. This means that they rely on broad concepts that are usually 1 to 2-word searches. These usually bring a lot of results. One generic keyword could be e.g. ‘red bags’. Nothing really specific will show up, only thousands of results of red bags. These terms are usually avoided because they do not generate a lot of traffic but, if your website manages to rank from a generic keyword, it means that you are generating traffic from that keyword.
  • Broad Match Keywords
    Broad Match keywords in SEO are somewhat more specific. In terms of SEO, these are the best type of keywords to work with as they are neither too general nor too specific. They stay somewhere in the middle and may look something like “red school bags”. Using them is a good strategy as you will not have as much competition and have higher chances to rank higher.
  • Long Tail Keywords
    Long Tail Keywords in SEO are the most specific type of keywords. They usually require specific content and look something like “2018 red school bags collection”. Using these types of keywords may not generate a lot of traffic to your website due to their specific nature, but they will attract traffic nevertheless. That is because there are fewer websites that offer that type of content which in return will make yours more visible.

The best solution would be to combine all three types of keywords to generate the best results.

What keywords are relevant to my website?

The best way to determine which keywords are your website’s best fit is to have a niche. By having a niche, you limit your website to a specific type of content you can publish, which, in return can generate specific audience interested in what you have to say.

For instance, let’s assume you own a Travel Agency and you offer services or products related to traveling and tours. You have recently decided to develop a website in order to support your business and let people know about it. You plan on displaying your products but, in order to make your content more interesting, you want to also write blogs. A smart idea would be to write about traveling to exotic and untouched beaches worldwide. You could include mesmerizing pictures of these heavenly places no one knows about, things you can do there, places to go, facts about the place they’re located in etc. You will notice that on each blog you will have to use a specific keyword like ‘travel’. By constantly doing that, you are helping your website rank higher. The goal is for your website to be the first one to pop up when people type ‘travel’ in their search engine. If you are interested to know more about how to achieve this you can get some helpful insight by reading our SEO Travel Guide.

However, reaching that level of optimization may take years to happen considering that there are dominants in each industry who have been doing keyword optimization for years. They have worked for years to be the first in a specific keyword. It is no reason to give up though. All you need is patience and continuous investment in ranking your keywords.

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