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Through our Social Media Marketing efforts, we have helped our clients boost their brand’s presence and engagement. Let’s collaborate to craft a strategy that resonates with your audience and achieves your business objectives.

Our Social Media Marketing Work

Why choose Tactica as your Social Media Marketing company?

We have the tools and expertise to help your business grow in today’s always-connected world. Our Social Media Marketing experts are ready to work for you, no matter how big or small your company may be.

Social Media Marketing Austin Services

Social media marketing

Our social media marketing team creates ads that increase your ROAS by ten times.

The Importance of Good Technical

Technical SEO is a huge part of optimizing your website to beat the Google rankings. Without it, your site will be slower, and your bounce rates will increase. Sites with high bounce rates, or rates of people leaving your site immediately, rank poorly in Google’s top results. Our process supercharges your website with a deep dive into all the aspects that affect your technical SEO.

Site audits

Once technical problems have been identified with our frequent site audits on your website, improvements are much easier to make.

Html Tags

The proper use of title tags, meta descriptions, and hreflang tags improves your site’s chances of ranking on top.

Sitemaps and crawl budget

We organize your site architecture and make it easier for Google to crawl your site efficiently.

Schema Markup

We structure and implement your schema markup which helps search engines understand your content and its importance.

User Experience

In order to enhance user experience, we emphasize enhancing page speed performance with responsive design.

Internal Linking

Our SEO team will improve your internal linking structure to help Google notice your important pages.

Keyword research and strategy

Keyword research is a crucial step in improving your rankings. Keywords are the factors search engines use to rank pages and the terms people use to search for content. Analyzing the search volume, competitiveness, and CPC of the most relevant terms will help you decide the keywords you want to target with your content.

Off-Page SEO

Without off-page SEO, your business might as well not exist. Off-page SEO involves processes that enable your business to gain exposure anywhere. Without it, Google will not find your site. Our off-site process involves working with major third-party providers of content. When they link to your site, they establish you as the authority.

Proper usage of on-page content and headers

Placement of high-quality images and media

Proper usage of on-page content and headers

Link Building

Link building is a significant aspect of off-site SEO that establishes you as an authority. It is the process of getting other websites linking yours.

Anchor Links

Links targeting specific keywords indicating your site is helpful regarding that keyword

Branded links

Links establishing your company brand name as a recognizable authority across third-party

Do follow links

These are regular links without specific text to make your backlink list natural

Guest Blogging

Our guest blogging services include reaching out to companies to write for them on your behalf. We provide valuable backlinks to your website through these guest blogs, establishing you as an authority in your industry. Guest blogging is the practice of trading value for value. Our company provides value (on your behalf) to others by providing excellent content through our expert writers.

Your search for Social media services ends here. Unlock your SEO potential with Tactica's award-winning SEO team.

Why Choose Tactica as Your Social Media Agency in Austin

We have four guarantees that make us ahead of the curve compared to our competition:

Tactica’s custom solutions help you create a powerful business presence on social media. Need more followers? We produce a Austin social marketing campaign to get that done. Want more social sales? We structure your posts to boost your user engagement and conversion.

Our team of industry veterans has worked across multiple successful social media campaigns. If you are targeting the competitive environment of New Jersey, you need someone dedicated to your business. As long as Tactica works for you, the success for your business and our business is the same thing.


At Tactica, our proven performance has increased our clients’ social media following significantly. Meanwhile, those efforts have resulted in ROAS of 10x higher than expected. We don’t believe in “good enough” as a social media agency in New Jersey. Instead, we believe in exceeding expectations.


Our social media posts are specifically built to increase sales. So if you are offering a service or are selling products in New Jersey, we can help improve your earnings. Tactica is the highest converting social media management agency you can work with.


247 success stories and counting

Discover how we can help your business grow



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“ We have built a strong partnership with TACTICA. Their off-page SEO efforts and overall their SEO consulting has had a great impact in increasing our brand’s authority. We are excited to experience new heights together. ”

Bertrand Theaud


“ Ever since we started working with Tactica, we’ve seen an impressive increase in customer-intent keywords and overall organic growth. Their SEO experts identified great opportunities on pages that were not even ranking, and brought them to the top of Google search results through strategic off-page SEO. ”

Diana Stanley

GVD Renovations

“ With the initial objective to rule our local search, we entrusted our digital marketing to Tactica 4 years ago. Their dedication and reliability proved to us it was a great decision! Tactica’s hardworking team executed their well-planned SEO strategy and got our business to the top of Google rankings. ”

Igor S.

How Our Social Media in Austin Will Help Your Business

Through our transparent process, Tactic’s clients have seen results. You have a vision you want to see for your business. We want to make that vision a reality. Our team focuses on a collaborative process to give you complete confidence. You get a dedicated account manager, giving you a trusted point-of-content. Our process includes the following guarantees:

Custom Design Strategies

As your Austin social media manager, Tactica represents your business. Through this, we operate as a branch of your customer service, driving brand loyalty. Knowing that more than half of customers are more likely to buy from you if they follow you, our goal is to make that count by engaging your customers.

Connect with Your Audience

Austin's residents have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok accounts. We follow them and establish your brand presence to sell to them wherever they are.

Gain Valuable Insights

Tactica's understanding of social media gives us deep insights into your target customers. We use this information to understand your customer's pain points, building our strategy from that.

Obtain Qualified Leads

When maintaining a business, gaining qualified leads gives you the best earnings potential. Our strategies are built for your needs.

You’re not just a project, you’re our partner

We have the tools and expertise to help your business grow in today’s always-connected world. Our Social Media Marketing experts are ready to work for you, no matter how big or small your company may be.

Unlock the potential
of your brand, product, or service. With Tactica.

Frequently asked questions

Need help? Here are the top questions asked by our Subscribers

Tactica can provide immediate results within days of starting a social campaign. For large-scale business goals, those results vary depending on where you are compared to where you want to be.

Our team focuses on providing quick wins to give you confidence in our abilities. We can work with any company, regardless of their current social following.

We hire content specialists that work across all industries. Our content specialists stay up-to-date with the latest trends in their respective industries. In addition, we perform competitive research on others in your industry, seeing what content they provide. We take what works from their content and ask how to improve it with 100% original results.

Tactica handles all major social media platforms. These include Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

We also help establish your video-based social media (YouTube and Vimeo). Our team is skilled in all social platforms, providing results wherever we go.

Internal social media managers are expensive and ineffective compared to outsourcing. Typically, hiring from a third-party group is much more cost-effective. Having an outside perspective can also add more creativity to the process. This external influence can help with idea generation, an essential aspect of internet engagement.